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The image above is a satellite image of Navinna “Kunu Goda” (Junk yard)[From Google earth]. If you’ve ever been passing the Arpico shopping complex at Navinna-Maharagama(Sri Lanaka) Chances are that you had to lock your nostrils due to a shitty smell (If you were not in your luxury-air tight vehicle :p ). And that was because there is a huge junk yard. I wonder whether all that huge pale brown area in the image is the junk yard. If there’s any one who knows any clue of this, please feel free to let me know.

This Junk yard would possibly gain a huge popularity & an honor, making our country the owner of the second-ever man made thing seen from moon. It would only be second to the Great wall, china.

PS:- Sri Lanka holds the world record for worlds biggest cabinet. Navinna junk yard is just a little example for Sri Lankas great junk managing system ;) .

Thanx Rosh, for the images. Who says “women can’t read maps”???


  1. Sigh…the great wall thing is a hoax…

  2. Oops! is it a hoax??? well…. then we can make Navinna junk yard first in the list ;)

  3. As I knw the whole pale brown area is nt the junk yard. 1/3 of it is the junk yard and I’ve heard that they r covering up the whole junk yard with soil. bt wit my own experience, seriously u neva cn pass that area witout closing ur nose… it stinks to death…

    by the wy there is another place similar to this junk yard-passing borelesgamuwa towards katuwawala (both sides of the main road) now they r covering it up too.

    wonder how people live in those areas… :roll:

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