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“Api wenuwen api” Housing fund. Send any number of SMS at Rs.10/- + Taxes per msg to 8877. All proceedings transferred to above fund”.

This is an SMS from Mobitel sent to their subscribers. Hope You have already cleared up the combination between my topic & the SMS. I know it’s not a big amount, the TAX. And also I know it’s not for Sirasa super star. And the reason for this blog post is, that I don’t understand whether it is ethical, charging taxes on any kind of a donation. Please do not think of this as an “anti-api wenuwen api” campaign.

In aspect of Taxes, we j…u…s…t fall short at the colonial age. There are tons of taxes charged on our day to day activities. So this little amount charged on “api wenuwen api” SMS is negligible. But the problem I have is “it’s still a donation”.

Can you please comment your opinion & let me know whether that *little* tax is ethical or not?

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