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Update(07.04.09):Wordpress now has a Twitter widget.

Updated this post with new images & steps [17 Dec 2008].

We do love WordPress(WP) so much even though we lack Javascript support. If you ever wanted to add your Twitter updates on your blog, here’s a simple way to just get the thing done.

First, Go to your Twitter page & retrieve your Twitter RSS address & copy-paste it on …err..a text file ;) .

In Your Twitter Home page at the bottom left corner there’s a button named RSS. Twitter-RSS

[If You use Firefox just right click on the RSS button & choose ‘copy Link location’.]

I normally Burn my feeds with feedburner. But I had problems burning Twitter feed. There is a validation problem in Twitter RSS. In this case you can use plain Twitter RSS address.

You can have a wide variety of feeds with You can get twitter feed through friendfeed. And also mixup other social networks into one feed easily with Friendfeed. To get a Twitter feed through Friendfeed just replace ‘chanux‘ with your Friendfeed name in following URL. Make sure you’ve added Twitter on friendfeed. [you can burn this feed]

Then find your Facebook ‘My Status’ RSS feed & copy it down too.

  • Make sure you are logged in to Facebook & follow this link to your Facebook Minifeed page.
  • And look for following feed link on minifeed page & save the link address.


You can get your Facebook Status FEED address there. Your Feed address would look similar to this. viewer=#########&key=##########&format=rss20

Now the WordPress stuff.

  • Now go to widgets page in your wordpress admin pages.


  • Add an RSS widget.


  • Choose to edit the widget.


  • Paste the RSS address & choose a title for the widget. Select number of items to display from drop down box (5 is decent).  click done.


  • Do not forget to Save changes :)


You can add Twitter and/or Facebook feed address in your sidebar like this.

Hope This tutorial is helpful. If you like, consider following me on Twitter :) . All Images are uploaded on PhotBucket


  1. Nice post, I did it and worked fine.

  2. happy to hear that you find it helpful.

  3. Thanks man..that was really useful

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. It worked for me!

  5. Thank you for this very simple tutorial!

  6. Of course you could use TwitterSync FB app and only use one or the other…

  7. Hello!
    I think this try.

  8. very nice but not very usefull for our blog. We’re actually seeking a plugin were users (we’ve a couple of 100) can add rtheir twitter / facebook url and their feeds get’s displayed on author.php

  9. Thanks for the post. Very useful.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. It worked.

  11. Um… The new facebook doesn’t have the minifeed anymore so it seems that this is no longer possible?

  12. @jay
    No idea dude. Was / is too lazy to check on that. For me twitter RSS is down too :(

    PS: Minifeed is there. Login to facebook & check here.

  13. Just Updated this post with new Images & guidelines.

  14. Hey thanx chanux this is awesome. i was looking for somthing like this. Im going to try this out..

  15. Very nice. Thanks!

  16. thanx very much..

  17. How easy was that. Thanks

  18. great tip! never thought of it

  19. Thank you !!!

  20. Thanks! I’d never thought to use my Facebook Page RSS feed to post my Page updates to my blog. Now I have my Facebook Page updates right below my Twitter updates in the Feature Widget Area using the Coraline theme. Very nice. Thanks!

  21. Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for this post. :)

  22. Thanks for share :)

    Another way is using facebook badge or try this way :)

  23. Very useful, although I would just like a place within my wordpress blog to add status updates without the source coming from twitter or facebook

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