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100 Things to do before you die.

Is a book that make me feel I’m reading a new book even if it’s the eleventh time.

The book is from newscietist & is a collection of cool,thrilling,funny,horrible or weird scientific stuff. Definitely it’ll teach you a lot of new things in such a cool way. It’s a mixture of Mathematics,computer science,physics,biology or anything scientific.

Fall In Love is also listed in the book.
“…And the funny thing is that it doesn’t matter if your belle or beau isn’t the most attractive around,your brain will delude into ignoring that.Buck teeth,spotty face and love handles vanish as a true love potion of mood altering chemicals & hormones – dopamine,serotonin,oxytocin-turns the world rose-tinted….”

Hope you won’t hate Learn to have multiple orgasms,Be fooled by virtual reality,Eat the worlds weirdest dish or make liquid nitrogen ice cream,understand natures mystery number or write your name on atoms.

Of course you have to be Richard Branson at least if you are not Bill Gates, to do some of listed things.But there are things we can actually do. I strongly believe that this one is a must in a geeks book shelf. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Don’t forget to share comments.

Update: One of the co-authors, Dave Freeman is not walking on this planet anymore :( .


  1. haha what a fantastic list… this really makes life more livable isnt it??

  2. I would definitely add to the list: Live by yourself for at least six months. Your lone personality will surprise you.

  3. Hi, there.

    May I add: practice the Simple Life. Refrain from eating out and buying new shoes, bags, or clothes for three months. And the money that you would have otherwise spent give to charity, or to some friend or relative who needs it more than you. The Simple Life will give one a whole new perspective and experience on living in unity with others.

    Best regards,

  4. Nice post..send me the link to the book, pdf or soft copy will ya.

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