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It was a busy Saturday ended with a tiresome evening. I went to bed so early & fell asleep like dead. In the morning next day, mom was calling me for tea & I thought I was dreaming. After few minutes I realized that it’s a new day & have to get up. But my eyes or my body didn’t like to get up so early.

There was a little feeling deep in my thoughts to check text messages on my phone. I took the phone & dived in to the inbox to find some tech news updates & then few messages about a DIGG effect on my friends site. Then came the last message from my friend & I opened it with my heart filled with jealousy ;) to see the next update of a huge number of hits coming from DIGG to my friends site. But the message was wee bit different than the one I wanted to see.

121,246 hits to the CyberCapital within last 6 hours. Tired of being Dugg. Gotta sleep now, got an exam tomorrow (piece of cake LOL)

Oh my…… I was sitting on my bed in next second & wanted to check the message again to convince my mind that it’s true. Hope I don’t need to describe what happened then, looking for my pants under the bed etc. :)

That exam is somewhat crucial in my life & it would have dragged my life, one year back if I missed it. Thank god I was on twitter & my friend was there too & also thanx for Twitter for the SMS updates. It saved my life. If I missed the exam my dad would kill me for sure. He always get mad of me coz I forget, well.. almost everything.

PS- We don’t know what would happen next moment. Prevention is better than cure. Just start to Twitter today coz life insurance doesn’t cover everything.

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