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Twitter says that Twitter is a service asking everyone “what are you doing?”. Even though it’s the best & simplest definition of Twitter it becomes a lot more important,helpful,informative & entertaining service at the end of the day.

I saw it blooming & didn’t want to get in; none of my friends were there. I saw it booming & couldn’t resist signing up, just to see what it is. Now there are considerable number of my friends on Twitter & I’m having fun while making it a productivity tool.

If you didn’t ever feel like getting in, this might be the time for a try. Get in & get your friends in. Once you are in don’t forget to…

> Get Twitter on IM (cool with Gtalk inside Gmail)
> Get Twitter on Mobile device (through SMS)

Here are few very basic Twitter commands

Follow a Twitterer
follow Twitter_ID

Send a direct message to your friend
d Twitter_ID Your message

Reply a friend
@Twitter_ID yor reply

You can track any word any where on Twitter
track word

or a phrase
track “phrase you wanna track”

See what you are tracking.

Untrack by word or phrase
untrack word
untrack “phrase you wanna untrack”
untrack all
track off

It’s good to start Twittering coz life insurance doesn’t always do the thing ;)

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