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I never wanna make this blog a cinema or filmstar gossip blog. But I couldn’t avoid doing this post coz my buddy Naya wanted me to post this.

“Asai mang piyambanna” is a new sinhala movie which would be released soon [or may be already released…Heh I don’t watch T.V]. Hope you have seen trailers on T.V if you are not some one like me & watching T.V. Naya emphasises that it’s a translated copy ;) of the bollywood film Taal. I’m not gona think twice to believe him coz I’m 101% sure of his opinion due to earlier experiences. However it’s still your choice whether watching the film & realise whether Naya is right. Naya invites movie lovers to watch taal before watching “Asai mang piyambanna”.

Naya says “Pooja Umashankar,Roshan Ranawana & Sanath Goonathilleke act in ‘Asai mang piyambanna’ while Aishwarya Rai & Akshay Khanna act in Taal”

I’ve heard few songs of BNS which are gaining popularity when I *heard* the trailers on T.V.


  1. hey its unfair… u shud write abt the other translated copy movies too…. not only “Asai mang piyabanna”. there r many mo u can write abt, such as “Hiri ponda wassa”- Boys (Tamil movie) , “Angalika”- Kahona Piyaar Hai, n many mo… i cant rem the names of those coz i don watch much movies. anyways “Asai mang piyabanna” movie’s songs r soooooooooo nice….

  2. I got invites for the premier on the 1st of November.
    The trailers look good………
    Can’t wait to watch it :) :) :)

  3. yes chanux u re right. hope srilankan cinema will do sumthing new, their own creation…
    u r doin a gud job… keep it up bro!!!!!

  4. I saw the movie. I was great. I agree that it’s a copy of Taal but no one can say it is a bad movie. Songs are great too. I recommend too watch this movie….

  5. great movie.great advice 2 this movie….

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