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Do you want to be *you* wherever you are on the internet? .Did you use your Nick name &/or avatar to represent you when you comment on blogs, shouting in forums & so on? Have you ever been looking for a universal Identity on internet?  If you are a serious online person you might have said “yes” for three times.
I always wanted to show it’s me in my online activities [which are not intended to be stealthy ;) ]. That’s why I registered on  ,  & was proud to be on . I wanted a universal ID for my online activities.Open ID did not impress me though.
However we are one step close to such a thing, a universal online ID because automattic acquired . Automattic the company behind WordPress, Technorati  which are cool services is now has their hands on which gave us a globally recognized avatar. I believe this would be a great combination & it would give us nearly-universal ID.
Once you are registered & do the rest, let’s you use your email address as a key to your identity. When you put your email when you comment on a Gravatar enabled blog your avatar uploaded on Gravatar shows up to represent you.
From now on all blogs will be Gravatar enabled. WordPress will soon provide easy ways to set self hosted wordpress blogs, Gravatar enabled. I feel this would get me nearly-universal online ID & great it would be my email address.
Hurry up & join the club. Read this before the jump.

PS: All about setting up gravatar support for your blog is HERE

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  1. Nice article – hope you are having some positve feedback!


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