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Bloggers love effects. The effects which attracts more hits to their blog or site. Get dugg,stumbled upon,reditted or maybe photo matted & some others like to get john cohwed.

I love any kind of effects if they get more hits to me. Kottu effect comes in the list coz I’m a Sri Lankan blogger. When I look for local hits, kottu is still the best for me. Sometimes I see & as referrers to my blog too, which get me few more local hits.

I’ve never been writing for kottu. Yes, believe me there are people who just write for kottu. I am more of a Tech-blogger. So I’ve never seen huge hits from kottu. When it goes to more tech related topics Kottu is very lazy in getting me hits. But there was one tech related post which kottu was really interested in – Hackers pornography – it was about a book named ‘unix haters handbook’. Tech-hater Kottu readers were really interested in Unix ;) or is that Pornography? I’ve seen those sex related posts get big hits from kottu :p .

People go to kottu to get Lankan news,I guess. I personally go to kottu for that reason & to find what are the hot topics inLankan blogosphere. Kottu is not a place for techno-maniacs even though it shows up really nice Tech related posts sometimes.

I’m reaching 10,000 hits mark. Kottu has done fairly a good job in this. But it’s still search engines getting me more of hits. For me, search engines do a great job. Wodpress is really good in SEO, there’s no doubt. Google bot loves wordpress. Sometimes more than it’s own sister, Blogger. I manage to get the advantage of this secret love by writing Search engine friendly posts, don’t ask me how :twisted: .

The period after september is good for my blog. I saw a spike on ma hit chart. When i felt I get some good hits from SEs I wrote few Kottu realted posts[to see how it goes]. They took me somewhat good attraction from kottu but I don’t think I ever hit Kottus top list. I dunno how to go there but there were sometimes I thought I deserve a place on kottu top hits list.

The posts which are written aiming kottu or the posts which took me good traffic from kottu would never get me Search engine traffic.But I like to keep the balance.

This is my personal blog,it doesn’t make money for me; so why do I worry about traffic this much? It’s simply because I like to see people reading me. I think any blogger would feel the same. There’s another reason. I like to experiment with these things. See how traffic come & how can I improve. It will help me someday.

By the way, I’m always happy making my blog a piece of kottu. I feel like being in a comunity. I feel like all other kottu members are my friends. Dunno why I feel so. Kottu gets me more local hits & making me a piece of a friendly comunity. Thanks Kottu.

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  1. Same here :D

    I don’t target Kottu, although am listed on it and I do get hits from it….

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