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This is a review. But this is not a paid review. This is a ‘threatened’ review. My cousin threatened me she’d forget our relationship if I don’t do this.

Well guys & gals I’m gona make a review about Lanka Music, a new web site boasting it’s dedicated to Lankan music. But it is more of a Sirasa superstar fan boy/gal club site. Well it’s possible some one or other thinking sirasa superstar is Sri Lankan music.

On that site you guys can…

-watch not-very-good quality :twisted: videos of superstar (will be great for people who sleep in front of T.V & just miss the thing) which are uploaded on GooTube[It’s YouTube owned by Google.]

-make huge debates about buggy Sirasa super star as it is for world peace.

-create/join fan clubs.

-Share the pain of the departure of your favorite (artificial) star.

-Support your favorite (artificial) star.

-win mag-never-seen prices :P

If you are not like me & love Sirasa Superstar this is a good hit for you. Authorities say there are 200+ registered fans already on board for past few days. Why don’t you just check this out for yourself? Here’s the Link.

Lanka Music Club [ The site seems to be moved to ]

Note: I personally believe that this site needs few modifications on it’s look & feel. However it’s a good approach, marketing wise.

One Comment

  1. haaaaaaaai u a nt promotin t! u are downgrading it!!!!!!!!!!! Is this is the way u help ur first couzin.

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