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Do you know what is hackers pornography? If not find the link at the end of this post. My Linux guru Ilgo sent it to me. was reading it & I found it very interesting. Nice writing style. just check it out only if you are a hacker :twisted: .

Unix Haters Handbook [The book is available for free download,just few clicks deeper from this link]


  1. I’ve read this sometime ago. It’s a hilarious book. No wonder it went to somewhere Microsoft.

    I and a few friends read it, but we still are Unix users. Or worse we run Linux on desktop. :) From all the people I know of who read the book, the only ones make a fuss about Unix are who still use Windows or who still didn’t grok Unix basic concepts. :) That’s an observation.

    I’m not saying that Unix is not the ultimate OS. It’s still a lot better than the alternatives (Windows is the only mainstream OS which is not Unix :)

    • Well the Book is from old LispM users who had to use & didn’t like Unix :). They should have their own facts again Unix. But reading that, Unix haters can earn something for sure. Hope you understand better than me (I never finished reading the book)

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