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Api okkoma booruwo! -we all are donkeys

As I see the sunrise & sunset here from Sri Lanka I can’t avoid feeling like a Donkey. Yes man I really feel so. Let me explain why.

Every time I switch on the T.V. there are people waiting to make us booruwo showing advertisements about fairness creams which make me handsome &/or popular, Milk powder which fight against Osteoporosis or fast forward kids growth, Hair gels which run girls mad & let me f*ck them in elevator, Telecom services just fall short at telepathy, Soft drinks make us young & someday immortal…Dammit the list goes long. When the ads are gone, then comes the tales of ultra-rich men & women who always in their leisure time having loads of fun in midst of a hell of problems.  When I turn to news Oh…my…godwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I’m sorry I felt dizzy (and fallen on the key board :P ).  Guess who caused that dizziness . Easy huh? . Politicians. As long as I live in Sri Lanka, those people will never give up trying to grow a donkey tail on ma back. They know how to convince us that sun rises from west. We know the truth but they are smart enough to make us believe what they want. Those donkeys say & we donkeys believe. If they make a little mistake we donkeys mark x for the other party of donkeys. But no worries, things won’t change & new donkeys do *little* mistakes too. So I’ll never have to loose those fairy tails in NEWS.

After the T.V., I get the news paper. It’s just a change of media, again ads & politics. I throw the paper under my bed & turn on the radio. I’m still a happy donkey who lives in heaven. Suddenly I realize that I can’t get rid of this donkey-ship coz I’d never miss radios shouting in my ears where ever I go. I force my brain to reject the signals come from my ears & trying to relax looking around. Hehe… I’m still a happy donkey living in the land of luxury. Massive billboards are doing well. My eyes are dazed of those half naked cuties & my mind has forgotten all the worries.

In this way I always manage to stay as a booruwa being fooled by all those people. I guess there won’t be any changes in your life either. We know Sri Lanka is the country which made the movie Matrix true. Politicians & media make us feel we are living in a luxurious country or in heaven in mind; while our bodies live in this hell.

But enough is more than enough. We must get out of this Matrix. I am ready & hope you intelligent rebel is also ready to fight the way out. Just make it clear in your mind what really is happening around us & you make yourself FREE. I don’t believe that every one is ready to go out. There are enough of people who are willing to gain the ‘Puttalam Booru-ship’ because they are taught by the booru education system to be even booru. I just want very few of you, who are intelligent enough to think a *BIT*.


  1. “..showing advertisements about fairness creams which make me handsome &/or popular, Milk powder which fight against Osteoporosis or fast forward kids growth, Hair gels which run girls mad & let me f*ck them, Telecom..”

    Saw the latest addition? A soap from china that would make you slimmer. I think I’m gonna get that one ;)

  2. wat abt that samahan advertisement?? – aftr school the lil gal get wet in the heavy rain, eat loads of ice cream, toffee, etc… n goes 2 mum.. but mum sy noting coz she giv samahan wit tea 2 her daughter evry mornin…. n she tink it protects her child frm sickness.

    these stupid advertisements r makin al of us donkeys as chanux sy..

  3. SERiously.. POLITICIANS v knw dem(notin new) n sum of us r STUPIDER(in ur words ‘BOORUWO”).. or iz it most of us(SL)^^

    • Sie.Kathieravealu
    • Posted December 12, 2008 at 9:19 am
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    “I just want very few of you, who are intelligent enough to think a *BIT*.”

    In the prevailing system of governance absolute power is given to one group of persons and a person thus allowing “corruption” to thrive. “Corruption” benefits a few and hurts the vast majority.

    The main cause for all the ills of the country is the prevailing democratic system of governance which allows “corruption” of all forms to thrive unchecked.
    In my opinion “Corruption” includes any kind of waste, neglect and every form of malpractice, dishonesty, abuse, misuse, unreasonable exercise of power, failure or refusal to exercise power, anything and everything left undone which results in the right of the people being denied or impaired.

    Without a “just society” in existence much talked about “terrorism” cannot be eradicated. For the creation of a “just society” there should be “good governance” in the country. For the creation of “good governance” in the country “corruption” of ALL forms must be eradicated. And to eradicate “corruption” the present democratic system of governance, where full power to make final decisions ultimately rests in the hands of one person, must be changed.

    So the only way to salvage the country is to change the present system of governance to one that is truly democratic where the final decision-making power will NOT be in the hands of ONE person BUT in the hands of a very large number of persons.

    I would like to know the view of the author and others on the suggestions given above.

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