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I was looking for something to post here & found this in a deep dusty folder in my compy. It was condemed due to bad writing, but i thought…who cares? so here it is…

I’m not a T.V lover. But I really love “Ran Depeya”, because every episode (all the episodes of all ran depeya crap) makes me laugh, including the ones which are intended to be very serious. But I miss the fun coz I never watch takaRAN DEPEYA [I spend very little time with T.V.]

I know there are lots & lots of people who are watching ran depeya & crying, laughing, dancing sometimes f*cking & puking…I’ll say…doing everything the characters do. And I know this very well; making fun of someone’s fun is not very good for a blogger. It’ll possibly make some readers angry. If you are going to stop reading me because of this article, so be it.

Check the following quote.
Api denna hemadama anuradhai praveenai wage adaren Indimu” – roughly means “we’ll be in love forever like Anuradha & praveena”.

What you read is a part of a love letter which has been given to a guy in grade 9 by a gal same age, learning in a school somewhere in Sri Lanka. I think this example is more than enough to prove the Ran Depeya [or even wider; television] effect on lankan culture. (Thanks to my friend Nayomal for the nice story)

I have no problem even if those kids f*ck like Anuradha & Praveena & I don’t mean love should be restricted for the grade 9 ADULTS. The problem is whether those kids do it with the correct attitude. Do they know what they are doing? They are just imitating what they see on screen. Some one or other would say that the responsibility of the kids is in their parents’ hands. I don’t have an answer but a question back; do the parents have a brain to understand that Ran Depeya affects their kids? If yes, how is Ran Depeya so popular? Sri Lanka has a good Literacy rate but still we have to go so far to get better ‘intelligence’ rate.

I saw a huge debate on “Poor O/L exam results” all around the country, sometimes back. Did any one think that T.V. stats are a considerable fact on that failure? , personally I believe it. It’s evident that T.V. is slowly but strongly harming mother Lankas future. It makes a dumb & lame generation who just believe what they see, without any further thinking. The whole system including education is tailored to make dumb machines to work out a given task and not to think.

I know that there will be a lot of people, broken hearted, calling me “Wimal Weerawansa no2”. Please don’t be that much cruel to call me in name of someone in lankan politics. [My definition for lankan politics is ‘the donkey feeding system’]
I’ll finish this with something I found on a productivity tips roundup, just three words.
“Avoid the tube”. Dead simple.

PS- Sometimes back I found a nice article about “mahagedara” on lame-duck which is a piece of takaRan Depeya & it encouraged me to write my own.


  1. Well said man. In fact, i guess it’s all we could do. Writing and writing. My blog is filled with posts written against the social damage done by sirasa and other media. but for what effect? Nothing’s going to happen, ain’t it?

    It’s a really weird feeling. We always say we r proud to be sri lankan. i thought so too. but when u think about it, what do we have to be proud about? a 25 year old war, a bloody political system and the ravenous media like sirasa that exploit the stupidity of the people of this country, just to name a few.

    Anyway, it’s nice to c once in a while that there are still some people who can distinguish right from wrong.

    just so if you have time:
    takaran depaya
    Sirasa & Wimal
    Sirasa Films
    this is quite long

  2. machan…i totally agree w u…on sri lankan education and on dis (gon)Randepaya…machan nd d advice im gvn u s no matter w@ evr other ppl think abt u…B w@ u wanna b…dnt thnk f w@ other ppl s gonna thnk abt u nd w@ dey gonna do..jst ryt w@ evr u fl s gud nd dare vl alwys b ppl 2 appreciate ur blogs…t seems lyk u doin dis…cz of d@ i respect u…keep t u[p da gud wrk..
    B gud
    Do gud..
    alwys tc..

  3. sure you are true bro. these idiots are talking nonsense for two hours and lot of people are ready to listen. :(
    What about the broadcast time spent.
    stinks . It really do

  4. The article in the Sunday Divaina comes to mind: The 6 women that ruin SL – Praveena, Chitthi, blah blah I dont even remember the names. I despise those 2 hours so much. Thank god my mother hates it too. For heavins sake, there isnt even any variety in the storylines. Its the same blasted nonsense over and over again.

    Personally, I think Guantanomo Bay prison guards overlooked the worst torture system on the planet. Those poor Iraqis would have keeled over with two minutes of this crap, forget two hours. :)

    Keep going chanux. you wont lose any readers worth their salt with this.

  5. what chanux have written is so true. In my point of view i see ran depaya as a hazard. it eats up valuable time as well as it has become a barrier in relationships because mothers tend to watch ran depaya rather than spend time with their children.
    good luck and well done with your work…

  6. i too agree wit chanux.. its vry vry vry true… TAKAran depaya eats up ur brains… its shows that lyf is sooo lyk a drm n givs a wrong idea abt lyf to children..

    but wen i discuss this matter wit my mother, she sy that its not bad n it doesnt harm any adults…. coz it hlps 2 relax aftr a heavy work load of the day.. n its not any ADULTS only drama n she also sy that mothers finish their house work b4 8pm to watch it coz they doesnt lyk 2 miss any episode.

    But then she agrees wit me wen i say that it ruins up the future of some children who r addicted to it… but our discussion neva ends coz she alwys try 2 prove dat its not a harm n i try 2 prove dat its a harm… my mother is addicted to TAKAran depaya ;)…

    finally ma point of veiw abt ran depaya is that TAKAran depaya is jus a CRAP… it eats up ur brains n takes u far awy frm the reality to a drm world…..

    good job chanux.. keep it up.. tc

  7. i 100% agree with u. what u have written is nothing but the truth… i have no idea why our IDIOTS are so much attracted to those stupid,empty crap! may be coz they are really IDIOTS!;) even 3years old kids are watching those crap.(i’m telling through experience) it’s a disaster which no 1 talks in public or takes any action to stop. of course WIMAL WEERAWANSA talks about this in public but not for the sake of children or nation but only for his POLITICAL BENEFITS. but glad to see your article coz i know you speak simply but from the HEART. .. keep it up! i like this quality of yours…tc

  8. Now I’m sure there are at least seven people who hate that crap. I’m elated :) Thanx every one for the ‘fuel for mind’

    Rome is burning & I see you with a hose;). Great work dude[?]
    I just copied my mind in to wordpress WYSIWYG editor. But writing here is not worth the effort coz most the people who read this[blogs] are [already] intelligent enough to avoid that crap. We’ll never call the people who really need to be called. Even if we do, I’m sure we won’t see the success. people are addicted man. Wimal was right on thas issue. people act like they’ve smoked ‘GANJA’.

    Nice feedback dude. Thanx alot.
    I don’t have a straight spine coz I’m Homo sapiens. But it’s strong enuf to keep me straight. I say what comes in my mind DIRECTLY. I’m happy you appreciate it :)

    Thanx for the feedback pal.

    Nicely written man. You made me laugh,nicely encrypting the truth in humour.

    Thanx wayo & what you mentioned is another aspect of the disaster.

    Your mom doesn’t differ from average lankan mother. Just tell har twice & save the third for later use :). I agree with you that Ran depeya draws a dream world in viewers mind & along with that it ruins our [even Indias] culture. No matter what the T.V shows, the problem is whether the viewers are ready to accept it with right attitude.

  9. Hey man,
    I agree with U too. Media has a very responsible role to play towards the attitudes and deevlopping the quality of the thinking ability of people which we see rarely happening now a days. they just try to make them selves populer with stupid and so called good stories in drama’s and programs where they make fools of them selves and the others too. glad to know the young crowd it aware of what is really happening and recognize the media marfia. great work bro!!

  10. Yeah dude, wt u hv said is true… but remember, pointing ur fingers direcly to the media itself is not gonna stop it…
    A certain portion of our ppl – out of the so calld ppl of our own country, seem to appreciate things like this over our own local creations…. When it comes to stuff like this, the viewers’s attitude matters as well… The ppl choose to view it, so u cnt blame the media alone – cz Media institutions -need money -they exist bcz of the profits -eventho its their responsibility to make sure they show the “right things” to the ppl, where money is in concern- this is totally ignored…. therefore for their existance, they need to supply wt the majority craves for… but then again, one cud say that if those media ppl ddnt bring them up- if they showed only what is labelled as ‘suitable’ under local standards, the ppl wudnt hav a choice but to view wt is shown to them…. Ina way thats true – but then again – its all abt the freeedom of choice… the ppl of our country- who r ‘supposed to’ have a higher literacy rate, better ‘taste’ (& most importantly, a higher standard mentality in choosing wts good for them)- choose to watch these… So its not the fault of one person or a single group…
    I guess – ‘supposed to’- will always remain the descriptive word, when it comes to describing Sri Lankans…. :) For some reason, Our ppl prefer to be fed wtevr the media feeds them, over choosing their own food…. We live ina world, where ppl choose what tastes good – over what is actually nutritious- so its not the fault of a single group… Its all abt their choice- and their freedom, of choosing it. I hope u will not misunderstand my statements & underestimate me as a “Sirasa-Only” freak- I simply watch any channel which shows wt I prefer…. My effort is not to clean-up someone elses dirt- but to show that the dirt is not entirely focused onto one place….
    As for the kids – well, we dont exactly find lots of kids choosing to watch “Hapan Paedura” over “Praveena” if they were aired @ the same time slot, ya?
    (for those who dont know of “Hapan Paedura” : its a musical programme, conducted by & done for kids, where as “Praveena” turns out to be one of the componants ‘Ran Depaeya’…) A majority of the Kids, nowdays, dont want to be labelled as wt they r- their attitude certainly matters as well… And even if they actually managed to alter their attitudes & shapen up their little minds, wud they b able to view wt is suitable for them, with the ‘rat-race’ lifestyles they live? And Surely, the ‘availability of suitable programmes’, matters a lot- cz for kids, especially those who r still schooling – the RAN DEPAEYA is may not b recommendable to sit & watch- but for kids who goes to Scl for 06HRS from 08:00am – 02:00pm, spend time on the road going for tutuion from 03:00pm – 07:00pm, and comes home by 08:00pm, what else is there, for them to watch? What else is their, to Relax & Entertain their tired minds, when all the ‘Childrens’s Programmes’ r over by then?

    THen, a change has to take place in the whole system. NOt jus the education system or media- but the whole system, with all of these sub-systems like “education”, “media” taken as one…. Media guys certainly takes the advantages out of whats available, as their intensions would be the profits- but remember, what is available, was not not created by their fault alone…. its a long process- and god-knows-how-long it wil tk to be sorted out… Yet- ur efforts to start it up, is highly appreciated. Keep it up man. Jaya Waywa!

  11. I was waiting to comment on this Randepaya thing from a verry long period of time. this is the latest virus that sri lankan’s got which don’t have any medicine to cure. I saw in one episode one vife aloow his husband to sleep with another woman. seriously guys this is a bullshit. utter bullshit. I don’t think any kind of a civilization would accept this.

    However there are some good tv shows in other channels which really gud. But With the mega marketing system of Sirasa they were hidden.

    So sorry for sri lankan future…….
    Chama (Bana)

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