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I don’t know but there are discussions out there. May be it’s because yahoo gave unlimited free space along with Yahoo Mail beta. Yes I tried it & loved it…

Wait I didn’t complete. I tried it & loved it until I have to look at my screen for ages until Yahoo Mail loads.

  • I had problems with Yahoo Mail beta on Firefox & I never bothered to fix it, just left behind.
  • Yahoo Mail beta has a nice interface. I’d love it if I still am a kid. It falls far shorter in the fight against Gmail’s simple interface.
  • I never understood each & everything in Yahoo Mail interface. It was (& is) a labyrinth for me.
  • I don’t have to mention that I hate animated ads (trying to jump out of the screen) which suck precious resources.
  • Personally I believe that Yahoo Mail don’t have a spam filter. I get spam in my Gmail inbox once in a blue moon or thrice for maximum. However the ‘spam fans’ like my X girl friend will love this spam feature in Yahoo Mail.
  • I laugh at Yahoo Mail’s unlimited space. However I consider it as a nice approach to store never ended spam threads in Yahoo Mail inbox. Even Gmail’s 2GB+ is a bit too much for me (for now).
  • I don’t know about you, but I found Yahoo’s address book a pain in my neck.
  • Yahoo Mail got folders & RSS inside. I don’t know what they mean inside a mail inbox.
  • I don’t want Yahoo chat inside mail inbox. Meebo or Pidgin is enough. But can’t loose chat inside Gmail.
  • I don’t use POP but it’s a huge plus for Gmail in the game.
  • Search, Labels & Forwarding makes me love Gmail more & more.
  • By the way I still keep a Yahoo mail account for IMs & to just type in any where asks me for an email address (to use as a headache-less junk box ;).

One Comment

  1. Only 2 points in your article make sense to me: popping Yahoo ads & slow speed of YahooBeta.

    Else everything must be coming from your lack of using the features appropriately. Organizationwise, Yahoo folder structure makes is modular and makes far more sense to than amature gmail (non) structure.

    Yahoo spam filter has been working pretty well for me.

    To me, unlimited space makes as much sense as you want to fit in a bycicle or car, for a ride….not that u want all unlimited….but you know that’s not ur showstopper.

    No doubt yahoo has things to improve, but gMail in my opinion has a long way to go and copy the stuff from around to get to match…


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