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Come and feel the freedom @ excel world. Tomorrow is Software Freedom Day. One of the events organized by Lanka Linux Users Group will be held @ Excelworld from 10 a.m. to 11p.m. So come and see the freedom with your own eyes.

As I am really busy this moment I’ll copy pate a note about the event posted by BUD on somewhere in the internet… (Hope bud won’t sue me for tis issue ;) )

Hi All,

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an international day dedicated to
educating, advocating and celebrating Free & Open Source Software (aka
FOSS). Several countries are including Sri Lanka are having public
events to celebrate the occasion.

If you wanted to participate in a FOSS Community event then this is
your chance. Couple of us geeks will be hanging out at Excel World
through out Saturday from 10AM onwards.

We hope to show off some cool Free & Open Source applications, play
video games on GNU/Linux and show you how you can too! and have an
Install Fest where we will help you install GNU/Linux on your
computer. Thats right!, bring your PC (no need monitor) or Notebook
and get Linux installed for free! There will also be free Wi-Fi access
thanks to Suntel so you constantly be connected!

We’ll also have some cool geek merchandise like Tuxes, T shirts and
Linux distros.

For more info on SFD visit

See you all tomorrow!


So that’s it & this is the OPEN invitation for all you guys & girls… See you there
PS- There are three other events held in Kandy,Matara & Ratnapura too (by LKLUG). APIIT people also have an event organized.

One Comment

  1. I miss the fun @ Exel world mate! but dnt worry, we’ll definitely rock the SF day at where we are right now coZ Suchetha is also here!!!

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