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I thought I’d better ask you this question because I tried to find whether I’m the Chanux who Google knows as Chanux . Googling for name was a not-so-popular trend few months back & I think it still is. I Googled for my name few months back & did the same last night as I didn’t have a clear idea on what to do next. I’m elated that Google knows me as Chanux. I come first in Google search results if you Google for Chanux. In Technorati too, it’s humble me who is known as Chanux.

If my poor memory is right my best bud Seejay comes first in Google search even though there is a-hell-a lot of seejays on this massive web. Ah…I forgot to say that Chanux on is not me :) .

If you like to know your position on web, go & try yourself Googling. No holds bared, you can try other search engines. Try Technorati & Yahoo too. (Believe me I’ve never searched on MSN).

If you wanna know all about your friend who is being an active netizen, try inurl: syntax on Google.
Ex: If you wanna know about Matt, search for inurl:Matt on Google. [I guess Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder will come first]

Technorati too is doing quite a nice job in this matter.

So what are you waiting for? Go, search, rejoice (it depends :twisted: ) & share the delight.


  1. Hey, I also recently Googled my name for the first time in a long time. Before, I knew I shared my name with a Dr. and I didn’t think that was too bad of a deal. But oh how times have changed. My name now returns a WoW fanatic who’s from what I saw, is in legal disputes with Blizzard Entertainment over some unofficial strategy guides. Going further, my name name plus my middle initial now returns a Dr. again, not bad, until you read the materials surrounding him, homosexuality and abortion. Granted I didn’t read what all he has to say, but at a glance, it’s not something I’d like for an HR rep to run across on accident.


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