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Once the internet culture bloomed (or boomed actually) gradually it became another space; called cyberspace. People started civilization on cyberspace. Once they settled in and started their day to day life they wanted to show up themselves. Then came avatars.

Avatar has different meanings, but when in cyber culture it’s the little picture you use to represent yourself on blogs, forums, email, social networks & lot of other internet services. It’s chosen to your hearts desires. Some use a snap of themselves, some use animes(like me), some use hand drawn, digitally manipulated images, some use their personal heroes picture, some use pictures of famous people, some use pictures of cartoon characters, some use animations, some use those cute pictures of porn stars & list goes on and on, .

I’ve heard several chit chats trying to convince that some one should use their real picture as the Avatar if he/she wants to be a professional blogger. Well this goes in to blogging. But however I want to know whether it really matters?

In my case I use an anime as my Avatar as I love animes. I don’t use my own picture because my mind is badly polluted by the hacker culture which I was badly exposed to, in my child hood. The reason behind the anime is being anonymous. I know I’m not anonymous anymore, but I still don’t wanna show my ugly face to you. I don’t think my avatar disturbs you when you read me & you’ve ever wanted to see who’s the fool writing these crap. But someday if I make up my mind I’ll show the beast to you guys.

People who use porn pictures, or a pic of a sexy lady (which isn’t her own pic) tries to attract hits to their sites. This is a total dumbness. Those people don’t know that others click on a porn pic to get more. Once the clicker goes to the site & breaks up mind he/she will never return. You got just a bounced hit with your nice porn Avatar.

However having somekind of an Avatar is good for a blogger or any one. If you’re a good blogger, you read others,you commnet others & interact well with the rest of the bloggosphere (unlike me).When others see your Avatar with your nice, early & often comments it helps you to stay in their hearts. A picture is worth thousand words, don’t forget.

Here is my opinion to choose a memory friendly Avatar.
-A nice, simple & clear pic of you is GREAT.(Little bit of Photoshop or Gimp is ok)
-A unique pic as far as you can.
-Apply some creativity on your Avatar.
-No porn pics or sexy ladies or guys (unless it’s you ;) ).
-No famous characters (unless it’s you ;) ) nor film stars.
-No very complicated animations.
-No personal hero pics.
-Never the Google Logo or statue of liberty.
-Use the same avatar everywhere if it’s ok.
-Last but not least “You must love your avatar”.

Additionally, for bloggers…
-Have a wordpress account with your avatar (coz there are lots of WP blogs & it supports your avatar)
-Have a Mybloglog account with your avatar.
Gravatar would help too.

So this is what I think of Avatars. If you like to share your opinion, comments are wide open for you.

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