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Finally… after few months of living in a little apartment deep in hell, I’m back in sanity. Feel like I’ve just passed the dark age of my life. But I know there are even more to come. Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone knows that but forgets until they recover from the disaster. I wanted to write this very blog post few months back. But now I think it’s the best time to write this-NOW.

I was Reading Yaro starak this eve & in the next second I thought I’d better be writing this. Yaro is talking about being an exceptional blogger. It’s all about success; forget about blogging, we must try to make our life exceptional.

When I turn back & think to myself “did I do my best to myself in past 21 yrs?”, my heart replies “No you F**ker you made no good for yourself”. After 21 years of my life sometimes I feel I’m already tired. Yes my friend I feel tired. But I can’t stop here thanks to “survival of the fittest”. We are in an ultimate struggle to be the fittest, from the day we see the light to the day we leave the light forever. If I haven’t done any good yet, I must make it in the next moment.

Again sometimes I turn back & think to myself the same question I asked before. This time my brain answers “well, kid you tried to rip the best out of your life.” My brain is right. I tried. It’s the best thing a Homo sapiens could do. Try & try; one day you can fly. Everyone knows that, but forgets until they recover from the disaster.

When brain answers me I start to think deeper. I’m not Mr. Bill Gates son. I was just an ordinary creature born in a far away Island. Someone or other would think I’ve gone far more than my limits if they know how my real life faces the rotation of earth. I can be satisfied with the life status I’ve gain if I think that I got whole lot more time ahead of me which I can manage to spend for my future success if I think clever & creative enough. I got enough time unless I leave the light forever, tomorrow eve, that’s the bitter truth. Even though the truth is just like that we must grow a big heart in us to face & challenge all the intricacies of life.

When we are on our way towards success, we should never think “what do we have with us?”. The best thing we should think is “what we can do with everything we got”. You know, in the moment I type this very blog post my computer (my love) lies aside disabled & for now I don’t have an extra cent to get my love back in life. I type this on my friend’s computer & every time I want to type A I have to struggle because the A key on this Key board doesn’t function well. But I never stop this. I’m happy to undergo this pain because “there is always a hope” [Lord of the Rings] & “where there is hope, there is a way”[Lord of war]. Who knows whether this humble article hit the front page of DIGG?.

What I want to tell you through all these is “Listen to both your brain & heart, because they make you think of yourself & how to make the way towards success or just make it a little better than now”.


  1. I ws a prsn who neva had hope in my life but after readin chanux’s blog.. I thought wat I had done in my past 19 years.. hmm… notin.. notin special at al.. Al wat i did ws crap..

    N specially the quotes
    “there is always a hope” [Lord of the Rings]
    “where there is hope, there is a way”[Lord of war]
    it means a lot in life 2 ma life.. n thnx 2 chunx i really got hope n mo confident in my life.

  2. Thx rosh. If u r the only 1 who changed life in to a better 1,it means more than 1000 useless hits on my blog. Nice to hear the feedback. TC.

  3. im a person who has faced alot f obstacles in my life……
    after reading this blog i feel that i still can keep hopes about my future…..
    as chanux said life is not a bed of roses and im not the only person who suffers. there are millions of ppl out there who suffer like hell to find their day-to-day meal. But i am blessed with all the things to satisfy my day-to-day needs but all this time i have been living in the past and suffering, without planning for the future.
    i guess that is the biggest mistake i have ever done.

    thanx to chanux i got the guts to keep the lamp of my life lighten.

  4. @wayo
    Nice to hear. Nice writing. Good luck :)

  5. i gues sum of us dnt take thinges seriously.. like life.. he.he
    n v live for da moment.. which i’v b’n doin.. n i gues still doin.. he..he

    u dnt hav to be born to bill gates son.. he’s also normal.. i gues.. ;)
    it’s in u… if u want it u can get.. u got o make ur mind.. i think its in r envirnment dat makes us feel incapable of certain stuff.. but @ da end v r no diffrnt.. or may b v makin excuses
    learn to accomplish.. wit da resources v hav..

    dreamin big hs notin wrong.. all of us should.. (accordin to me dat is) but v hav to realize da fact. accept certain things da way it iz. v could change it in da future..

    every1 has probs in dis world.. even a $$$ got probs (evry1 got probs on diffrnt levels).. no1’s alone in dat case.

    past is past.. notin’s goin to change dat.. but u can make a diffrnc in da future..
    evn if u dnt plan.. @least take a moemnt to think b4 u do sumtin.. i think dat could make a diifrnc..

    happpy to hear dat wayo n rosh r getting sumitn out of dis..

    keep up da gud work chanux..

  6. Thanx chanux for your words. thay inspired me alot. im a person who tried to get lot of things. but most of the time failed. but @ times i achieved.. Im not thinking about the dark side of my life. because i have ‘hope’ about tomorrow, some day some how i will make my tomorrow GREAT.

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