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Have you ever been wondering how to get more smileys/emoticons to express yourself in IM sessions? I don’t know about you but me. Once I fell in love with Pidgin, a cute FOSS solution for instant messaging, I realized that the answer is just beyond a little hack. So I worked it out.

I mixed up all emoticons available in Pidgin & created a smiley theme named “Soup”. Then gave it to my mad friends who I waste time on IM with. Now we all having the fun & complications of a-hell-lot-of smileys :). I’m sure we’ll go back to the default theme soon but I thought sharing would help 3 more phreaks out there.

So here’s how to get it done.
1. Download file HERE & extract it.
2. copy it in to Pidgin Smileys directory

Windows    > C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\emotes
GNU/Linux  > /home/chanux/.purple/smileys (replace chanux with your user name)
or > /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/emotes

3. Select the theme “Soup” from Tools>Preferences>Smiley themes on Pidgin.

The theme is made to work with Yahoo protocol. If you are using AIM,MSN,QQ or ICQ…..
1.Open the file ‘theme’ located in extracted ‘soup’ folder with your favorite text editor.
2.Find [Yahoo] & replace it with the name of your IM protocol.
ex- [AIM] , [MSN] , [QQ] , [ICQ]

If you feel you are missing Good old yahoo default smileys Get Y!old theme HERE.

Update : New version of Y!old, which works well with new versions of Pidgin is, Y!Emos is HERE.

PS- After all these things the smiley window takes 2-3 seconds to open.
I think you can understand that your friends must have SOUP installed & selected to have the fun.

Disclaimer- Dumb me & all my dumb friends did this & it works just fine. If you are dumber enough to get problems with this just don’t try this or any kind of hacks. Any kind of a damage you do to your system trying this hack happens only because you are an extreme fool. SO don’t blame me. Go infront of a mirror instead. :twisted:


  1. Looking for Smiley/Emoticon themes? Here’s a great place

  2. Sorry about that link — I forgot I have it in the clipboard.

    The correct link would be

    Chanux- Don’t worry I deleted it ;)

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