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At last…. after a very tiresome months [well…weeks I think ;) ] I’m back on my world, the cyber world. No more cyanide will be running in my veins. Even though i feel a kind of freedom inside me I feel that I’d miss chemistry, physics & maths with all the complications of them. They added some smartness in to my phreaky  life. I love them so much – BUD was right “any subject is sweet unless you study it for an exam”. Finally before the next period I must take my hat off at all the teachers who made my brain a working human brain.

There’s a very unpleasant memory for me. When I was away from blogging I had the worst experience I ever had. Once I mentioned here on this blog that I was HIV infected. I mean Human Intelligence deficiency Virus. Yes I was in love. It was a very very strange story. However now she’s not with me. I’m halfway down the hell. Sometimes I’ll put the story here like david Raho did. Check Daves comments to find what I’ve said. After those embarrassing days now I’m on a stage that I have to think forward for my future. Actually I’m gonna face the hardest part of my life. I’m waiting for new challenges. They won’t take much time to catch me. But I always have a great strength to face any thing, and that is YOU my FRIEND.

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  1. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

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