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Yesterday I got a message from Mobitel saying that they are doing a service upgrade from 10pm to 7am. I saw some new features on the service such as modifications of automated information services. The SMS prices for “any5” users were changed.

However in this eve I tried to send a text message to a friend. I just got an error. So I tried once & once again to send the message. In the mean time a message from my friend kept coming to me repeatedly. I got some service messages saying that “The charge for your last sms is blah blah blah & your account balance is blah blah”. Damn… Those f*cking errors had cost me a lot. Finally I got an sms from my friend saying “I got your message …. times”.

I sent the message repeatedly coz I got an error & I had to pay for Mobitels error. It happened to my friend & I’m sure there are lots of victims out there.

It just cost me around 10, 15 or 20 maximum. But think about all others. It will be nice for the company if this error happens once a month :). The service messages reminding me about SMS charges still keep coming.

I’ve used all available mobile services in sri lanka & I’m not really happy with any of them [didn’t use tigo/celltel much]. Tried mobitel recently & it was not very bad. My friend Gihan told me that he had this kind of a problem with Dialog & he got all his wasted money back. Will mobitel follow the way? Or is this the time for me for another change, without worrying about MONOCULTURE?.

Damn.. Another SMS charge reminder. I better check the dictionary for the word Bankrupt ;)                   

PS- I called Mobitel customer care, just behind the boundary of patience. The lady who was on the line said that it’s an error & it’ll be ok by half an hour. By the end of that half an hour…now you know what happened.

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  1. It’s the n day today after Mobitels OH-SO-HOLLY system upgrade & still some problems exist while customer care guys (gals… actually) making pledges saying that “You’ll wake up in a tomorrow which everything’s OK”. Waiting for another tomorrow…it sucks.

    Oh…& I forgot to tell that there’s another pledge to refund all wasted money.

    I wonder how the HUGE systems like Google & WordPress are upgraded almost without any headaches.

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