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Hmm.. At last there’s a hope. On wordpress blog . Matt declared that the long awaited feature would be available sooner or later.

For those who were wondering, it is of course your ads. We do show our ads
occasionally on, but anything more than that would be at your
discretion and with your adsense ID.

I’m not a big fan of ads but it’s good if there’s a-cent-a-day from my blog.Reading  the comments of the blog entry I mentioned before, I found there’s a lot of Ad-haters on wordpress. As wordpress doesn’t allow javascript there weren’t ads on blogs. I also believe that it made reading blogs a far pleasent experience. However the request for ads is also not unfair. It’s good if we can earn while having fun.

I’ve seen a lot of people leaving WP covering there 4ss with hell a lot of different reasons. No javascript, CSS editing is not free, no enough free space are few of them. But as I check there new blogging homes I realized that they’ve found a good price for there souls-ads.

I also have tried some other blogging platforms but never found the peace in mind I experience here on wordpress even though there were few $s. People who didn’t sell their souls & appreciated the peace in mind are going to get the reword now.

I missed the chance of commenting on that blog post I mentioned before. So I put my ideas here. Matts blog post was to ask wordpress users, which feature suits most to be put under the post.
The given options were

* Related posts
* Ads (your ads)
* Blogroll or avatars
* Popular posts
* Random same-blog posts
* Author profile

Here’s my opinion…

In my point of view ‘Social bookmarking buttons’ is a must & I’ve been waiting a long for that [Thanx for the digg button WP :) even it’s a pain of neck & I have to be a diggvertiser with it].

secondly ‘related (same blog) posts’ which would probably make the readers spend another minute on my blog

Next comes ads. Means few bucks for my studies :)
Ads will encourage users to buy paid services in WP. It’ll attract more users & will stop some leavers [.

Some other cool features…

  • Page stats.
  • Translation buttons.
  • Something like (improved)Hello dolly – matts widget for self-hosted WP blogs.
  • ‘Rate this’ feature (like in or ‘Rape this’ feature ;) .
  • For something smashing, Make a widget box named “under the post” in widgets page, making all widgets available ‘under the post’ :D .

WordPress rocks forever.

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  1. I’m not an expert, but there’s a new WordPress blog host in town with Adsense plug-in & other 3rd party plug-ins, e.g. Translation, Google Analytics, Social Networking, etc. (No javascript yet) and it’s free!!! Go sign up at

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