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 Prof V.K Samaranayake has passed away.I know it’s not news now. But I must express my deepest sympathies as an IT enthusiast who love Lankan IT.

He was such an attractive personality. I still can remeber the days I started to love IT (well I started to love the computer, not IT). My hero was Bill Gates. And prof.V.K Samaranayake was the lanken hero in IT,for me.

I got shocked when I saw the text message from seejay saying that the Professor has passed away. Wanted to express my feelings here on my blog but Unfortunately I’m far away from computers & interenet these days.

I shouldn’t try to describe his contribution to IT industry in Sri Lanka because I’d miss a million of facts for sure. His service is…ugh I don’t have words to describe.

 Dear proffessor, you are the mark of Lankan IT. I take my hat off at the ultimate contribution & dedication you made for Lankan IT.

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  1. Prof V K has made the ultimate sacrifice, his supreme contribution for the future of Sri Lanka’s IT industry. Who would have thought it possible? None of his critics would’ve expected it. In sadness, we have joy.

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