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I’m back here from the future. doncha believe? it’s true… i swear. I was typing a blog entry & suddenly I understood everything is cahnging around me & at last I got a high-tech surround. I was wondering what’s going on & checked for the date. It was far away from 2007.

I looked at the computer screen. Oh there’s something I’m familiar, Google. What should I search in future google. I was in a dilemma. finally I got an idea.

I googled for “Where’s my D*ck. I did this because I didn’t have anything else to do. Do you know what google got for me?

“It’s still there. Where it used to be”. I was amazed. I just collect my mind & asked the gal next seat to search for the same key words. She frowned at me & laughed. then she typed the keywords & hit ENTER.

The results made me Yeeeks .

“sorry, there were no search results for your search”. And there was “did you mean P*ssy” on top of the results page.

I felt faintish & found myself back here.

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