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Once I’ve been chatting with my linux guru ILGO on gmail(google talk). I asked him to have a look at my blog. here’s a part of our conversation.

me: Hey do u knw..I got a Firefox T-shirt from fox crew ilgo: Cooolll me: a gift for my loyality1:29 PM ilgo: dont grow a red tail… and hey, soon swiftfox will take over the world

me: what the hell is that

1:30 PM ilgo: swiftfox is a small version with little mem footprint, etc…

me: ah

ilgo: anyhow you will surely hear of it..

me: is it something like my FUTURE BROWSER concept?

1:31 PM ilgo: is it?



that’s it?

1:32 PM ilgo: i gonna read that latter.

Did you notice that, What he said about Swiftfox?. I dunno abt you but I was very cuurios to find out what the hell is that & rushed to google.Swiftfox is an alternative for Firefox. It’s built on Firefox.There are rumours boasting that swiftfox is memory-efficient. I hope it’s worth a try. Swiftfox promises that it doesn’t let you miss any of your lovin Firefox extensions. It’s onluy for Linux.Link:Swiftfox

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