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I’ve been dreaming of this thing for a long time.I didn’t sleep until I type this article.I hope this concept would be a reality in near future. If so I’ll be the happiest creature living on earth.As a hardcore Firefox lover I’d like to see my Future browser as the prototype of Firefox 4( coz it’s impossible being the prototype of Firefox3)

The future browser install a very little/lite “structure” (or Base) of the browser on users computer. It is the tool which is used to ‘create’ the actual browser.The Base doesn’t keep any user data with it.The place where all the user data are saved is an online “account”.It’s something like an webmail account. You have to log in to use it.The Base is used to log in to the account.

To get an idea,think about Firefox as an example. the Future browser stores usernames/passwords, Form data, Bookmarks, History, Cookies,Extensions, Themes & possibly all user data which makes a customized browser, on a webserver. Simply, the account is somthing like the browser profile kept on a web server.The Base & the Account use a secured protocol to communicate between.

In this way the user can use his own customized browser anywhere. However the browser will ask for more processing power,more RAM on users computer & more bandwidth from the network. I hope it won’t take much time to reach those physical requirement limits. Probably we’ll be there in 69 days & 2 hours ;) .

And don’t worry about the technological requirements too. Just think it’s the next generation of AJAX(well..kinda).

(This concept is originally mine. But there are no barriers for using it. If you use it & somehow mange to get the thing done & make big money, please don’t forget me ;) )

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  1. there’s a security issue you didn’t thhink about
    to store my data on the web no thank you

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