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After my Motherboards sudden death I got ma friend miyus machine for few days. I browsed net without Any friewall for the first time of my life. After 2 days of surfing, the mchine started to show the symptoms of some really bad attacks of malware. When I type this I’m completely secured surfer(well..relatively.No one can build a completely secured system) & just wanted to let you guys know how to protect yourself in internet jungle with goodness of worlds best price.

[Click here to find the meanings of buzzwords used here]
Kill Spybots.

Use Spybot search & destroy to kill spybots.

Kick *ss Adware

Use Ad-Aware to kick *ss F*cking adwares.

Destroy Viruses

AVG Antivirus.
This is a popular free antivirus software with auto scannig.

A free & open source A/V software.I love it’s virus definition file coz I got the full control of it. It lacks auto sanning but there’s a tool to enable auto scannig for Clamwin. Search Sourceforge for that (I’m sorry I couldn’t find the link. Pls share if you find.)

Avast & Antivir are two new good players.

–Search for a better “brontok washer”. Brontok is a real HEADACHE.(Sorry I couldn’t get a link for this. Pls share if have a good solution)

Cover yourself from the bads.

A firewall is a must(You know it better than me).

Zone Alarm
Zone Alarm has a free version & it works great.

COMODO Firewall
Comodo is a compleely free Firewall. All you have to do is registering with your email address to get a lifetime full license.

The browser is also something very important for your security. I recommend safer,faster better Firefox.

You also have to be aware of Phishing.

I Never blame people who do these bad things coz I hardly believe that “Weaks are made to be used by strongs”. So your responsibility is to keep your self strong. Good luck.

Hack IT!

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