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Hello y’all Firefox maniacs & lovers. I’m back with something about Firefox, after sometime. This time I’m not gonna give you a Firefox hack but looking for lots of Feedback. Here’s the concept.

I ask you people to comment here with FEW lines showing your love to Firefox (well…’Fox haters can unload your anger too ;) ). Did I say FEW? err…yep…Try to make it Shooort & Sweeet. I know it’s harder to be short but the eternal love in your haerts would make it not-so-hard.

So that’s the deal. Show your love here. And please bookmark this to ensure that no ‘fox lover misses this.

I’m making the first comment, as an example ;) .

PS- Please try to make it harder for me to choose the sweetest comment.


  1. Even when I’m asleep I use Firy to browse my dreams.

  2. I use it about 99.99% of the time, even though I have Interbet Exploder 7.0

  3. :P

  4. My household switched to Firefox last year and have been using it since then. There are rare times when we use two others. Firefox is much more secure and overall meets our needs more than others. :)

  5. well….. for me, loving chanux is loving firefox;)

  6. I’ve bitten by a Firefox and Now I’m a “Firien” :lol:

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