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I know DIGG is very popular among you people & I don’t want to mention why. I just wanted to let you know about Something I just REALISED.

I hope You’ve heard about Digg effect. Sooner or later it’ll become a buzzword (I’m sure). For dumb me “Digg effect” means the massive hit flood you get from the DIGGynation after you’ve been DUGG. I saw a massive hit flood going over my friend Seejay. To feel the Digg effect You must be lucky enough though. My first Digg experiment took me 150+ hits & it was a biggy for little me. But I always be careful to Digg something original, not foiling the Digg experience of massive Diggynation.

Let’s turn back to my topic. By DIGGvertising I mean Digging to attract big hits to someones blog/site. I know people who DIGGvertise purposely. So It’s coming a new trend of Digging.
Introducing Digg button here on WordPress Matt (Matt Mullenweg; WordPresses godFather) said “Try to only submit your best stuff to Digg, not every entry, that way you have a better chance of being voted up and not cluttering their system” It is a hint showing that Matt believes that people are eagre to DIGG & look for some more hits. However to add the DIGG button in a wordpress blog post the author have to Digg(DIGGvertise) it him/herself.

So guys what I wanted to tell you is that. Share your ideas on comments. And don’t forget to DIGGvertise ;)


  1. I dont have much of an idea on this, but why do you think ‘advertising for self’ happens? I think there are two reasons, 1. Monetary Benefits and 2. Psychological Reasons.

    In present time, there are many ways you can make money if you have enough traffic coming in. It may be google ads, referrals, advertiestments by you, metacafe videos or almost anything. The point is if you got a lot of traffic, and if you can get at least a small portion of it to click something, you got the money.

    However leaving that a side, I think why most bloggers do it is for psychological reasons. I my self have experienced this, to some level with Kottu. Before I got my blog on kottu, I would write something once in a while, and mostly something that is personal to me. The only ones who’d read it would only be the people who know me. But once I started getting hits from Kottu and Achcharu, I felt ‘important’ and also started to think that I should write to appease a wider public :)

    Hope I didnt make that comment as long as a blog post ;)

  2. @Kulendra
    Nice feedback

  3. hey buddy! Good news here!!! got our favorite theme in to our favorite site. Know what I’m talking about Right? just Check it out! ;)

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