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Hi Friends, Here I am with a lot of changes. Good ones & bad ones. First of all I must say that now my compy don’t have a mother board. I think this clue is enough to create an image of my life as a “dead phreak”.And the next best thing is I’m affected by H.I.V. Hey wait don’t close your browser. I mean Human Intelligence Difficiency Virus. So I don’t have AIDS but ****.

However when I was not in NET CJ has done some great job. First one is that his Blog post on Firefox which is dugg has got a lot of hits. I mean He has got more than 77000 hits & more than 2600 diggs. Man it’s unbelievable if you chk my blog you’ll find that my blog has only 5000+ hits & that’s for all the hard work. But guys… I’m so happy wi ma friends ‘innovation’.

Did you ever wonder why I didn’t put a link to my friends blog post which got a “HIT FLOOD”?. Here comes the interesting part…well…interesting. CJ’s blog has got banned from wordpress. He has published a post about R*B*t.*** (I didn’t say that…MATT). Hey seejay why did you do that man? I told you what happened to publishing Googles page rank algorithm(I got a copy of it, but there’s nothing this fool can do with it). However, I’m happy if it’s possible reopening seejays’s blog. I know he can easily get another blog in wordpress or anoher blogging platform. But everyones know that there’s no place like (Home in phreak speak). So Matt or any wordpress big guy, please tell me whether it’s possible getting seejays back or not.

I love wordpress & so do seejay(still he does).
Love you guys. Won’t be posting here ferquently.
Hack it! (Oh sorry, please don’t do so)


  1. ThanX for ya help buddy! I got ma blog back!
    WorPress , Firefox & ChanuX ya all ROX!!!

  2. I have admire your unselfishness in taking the time to make this web site.

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