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If You are looking for Firefox help check Mozilla IRC #Firefox help channel and/or Freenode IRC #Firefox help channel. (Those links will take you to mibbit web interface for the IRC channels). And also you can get help at Mozilla (firefox) help forums on You will find few other help sources on Mozilla support page. (It’s a bit difficult to provide Firefox support from my blog :) )

Now If you are interested, read a bit old write up about Firefox doesn’t work for me :) .

Yes…Mozilla Firefox doesn’t work for me.Actaually it’s not only me,most of my friends who use ‘fox are having this prob. Problems started from update,….I think.

I refered Mozilla forums on this problem but I didn’t find the right answer. Honestly Mozilla Forums doesn’t make any good…well…for me. I found that most of the people who have this problem, haven’t found the right answer on mozilla forums.

In early times I got this problem, I had to reinstall Firefox to get it back to work. Then I deactivated auto updates. But now ‘fox doesn’t work even without updating. I tried the version & results are bad old same.

When I reinstall ‘fox I managed to delete all old user data. But I didn’t deal with Registry settings (heard there’s a prob with them).I dunno what’s going on. Have no time to hack around these days. All I need is a machine with internet access. So I installed Opera. Opera is far better browser than IE but I still miss my Love very much.

I hope that this blog post would show itself on the screen of a member of Firefox crew & get me & a lot more other ‘fox lovers a TRUE ANSWER.

aargh….I’m so sleepy..dunno what did I say above. However…Adios.

Update: This post is written under frustration :) . Anyway things are lot changed by now & there are lots of support sources available unlike the time this post is written. On top of this post is a quite good list of Firefox help. Hope you can lense & cleanse any problems with Firefox & continue with safer, faster, better browsing. Good luck.


  1. Argh same problem… Not that I’m a hardcore OSS user or anything like that but FF was pretty user friendly compared to IE.

    But then it started playing up and right when I needed a good browser (am in the middle of exams) so I just switched to OPERA. Seems to have been a sensible move so far. A whole load more features etc and it has been reliable. Though it is a bit annoying to blog and type mails since there seems to be some wierd kind of wiring in to the type settings. But I doubt my switching back to FF.

    Live and Learn…


  2. Oh! Same here! It just refuses to load up pages like Gmail, etc.
    Bloody annoying!

  3. Have you tried Portable Firefox? Registry settings are no longer a problem then. It depends on your extensions but I think it’s always a good idea to start with a fresh profile (using the profile manager).

    also, Gmail has a bug which causes it to stop loading. I don’t know if it’s Firefox or Gmail at fault but I got around it by forcing Gmail to go via HTTPS instead of http. (ie: login to

    I can’t help more without specific details of your problem, sorry.

  4. @NegligibleMinoritist

    I’m not very happy with Opera

  5. I can’t help you somehow, but I can say that on my ubuntu box the Ff runs well, even after update.

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  6. My firefox carked it when it got an update. It merely has a blank page. It just doesn’t do anything. Also, there’s no way to tell them that I can find. So i’ve migrated to opera.

  7. I have the same problem. I wish FF can come up a version that can fix our problem.

  8. This seems the same story as the Netscape one. An excellent product, and then they started to screw up and accumulated bugs after bugs, and ever Microsoft managed to make better products.

    But wait a moment. Aren’t the people being FF the same as these behind Netscape?


  9. I thought I am the only one :( ok, actually I havent done anything with the firefox problem, i just re-install it everytime it happened because it’s more practical to do. But in times, yeah it gets annoying, like when i’m in rush, i expect to use it, because it’s alot faster than IE. I havent used opera or netscape, i’m not interested. In the other hand, I used google chrome, I am not that satisfied. When I compare it, it’s more compatible with me using Firefox, so that’s why i end up here, finding the answer .. but arrgh geuss we’re still looking for the answer uh

  10. Mozilla Firefox comes up as a blank screen. The toolbar appears with the FF logo, but there is a complete blank screen. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but still a blank screen. This just started happening. What’s going on?

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