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Hmm Here is a picture of my firefox T-shirt. Sent to me free by Firefox crew.
If you like to hear the story, here is it.
I got some money from an affiliate progarm. Got 26$ and I had to have a paypal account to get that. As a lankan Payapal is dream 4 me. Aked fo help from Aza Dotzler & Nazly. You know both helped me. Aza sent me a T-shirt through Rhian Bakers & Nazly has finally got the T shirt throgh his friend.

I’d like to thank Az,Rhian & Nazly & also Nazly’s friend Shosu. Love you guys :) .

[Fox Rox but unfortunately Firefox 2.0 doesn’t work (May be it’s after the upgrade). Better try downloading coz Have no time to hack around & fix things]

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