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Dreaming... /cc Gisela Giardino

Oops there’s a nice lady in the car next to me standing on the road side. She’s so beautiful; beautiful like an Anime. I want to talk to her. But… Green lights came & the car started accelerating. I ran behind the car but car is going speedier. I ran behind the car as fast as I can like a cheetah. But I’m failed… Suddenly I got a strange heavenly power & tossed my self in to sky & flew behind the car. In the next scene the girl was resting in my arms. It was really a romantic moment. She wanted me to kiss on her lips. slowly, I took my lips close her & damn I woke up from the ‘best dream evah’.

I’m sure that you also have dreamed of this kind of lovely moments. But unfortunately we get up at the climax ;) . Imagine if you can stay conscious in dreams & control the dreams and do whatever we want. Sometimes you may have experiences on being conscious in dreams; you might have dreamed knowing that you are dreaming. If you had the chance to control your dream…?

Dream world has no boundaries. You are the ruler of your dream world. So dream world is a great place to do what we want & get unbelievable results. Stop reading this article for a bit & Think how dream consciousness would help you.

Dream consciousness is called Lucid Dreaming. It can be practiced. It can help you to improve your self. It can give something more to your life. Or we can use it just for fun.

Read The articles given below to find out almost all about lucid dreaming.

Wikipedia article on Lucid Dreaming

A complete site on Lucid dreaming – Dream Views [I found this While Stumbling]



  1. “get up at the climax” what an unfortunate choice of phrase…considering the context of the dream….I’ve actually done this once or twice before…the lucid dreaming that is, not the getting up at the climax :)

  2. That’s a great article..thanks for sharing ;)

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