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Yesterday  I got an email which is forwarded by my cousin. Normal I don’t read that kind of mass forwarded emails. But this time I opened that mail cos I just had 2 new mails. However this mail made me curious to read the whole story. Next is exactly what I read.

center workers listening
to phone calls through their network

I am Dumith Rathnayake and I am sending this letter so
that you know the dangers of using the Celltel / TIGO network.

My girlfriend is a Celltel subscriber. Last year from mid
August onwards I got to know that Celltel call center workers were illegally
listening to my phone calls but I dismissed the matter because I did not
believe it could really happen until a friend of mine recounted every word I
spoke with my girlfriend once from what he heard through a recorded clip by one
such worker. Further, these call center workers have being accessing incoming
call logs of Celltel (TIGO) subscribers and distributing those numbers to their

I directly complained to Celltel in writing and they
called me and confirmed that they would look into the matter and hold an
investigation. After seven days, a lady named Vindya, the Customer Care Manager
of TIGO sent me a letter saying that they would not proceed with the case because
the owner of the sim did not make a complaint. I pointed out that the calls
were originated by me and I also am equally affected by the actions of the
individual which Celltel must bear responsibility to.

I also found out that this call center worker has also
illegally got the incoming lists of many other Celltel (TIGO) numbers,
especially of girls and giving them out to his friends. Also he has obtained
messages sent to Celltel numbers, listened incoming and outgoing calls to and
from Celltel numbers misusing the power and accessibility he has as a call
center worker.

I was using a Mobitel phone to dial the Celltel number and
they are telling me to complain about the listening of the calls to Mobitel,
which is a total idiotic suggestion as this is the work of a Celltel worker.

It is clear that Celltel (TIGO) has not any interest in
protecting the privacy and the rights of those who are using their network but
only of protecting their errant employees. If they were at least a bit genuine
in helping those affected in this case & saving their name they would hold
an inquiry and an investigation as such employees only degrade the quality of a

I would like to warn you again before you make a call from
or to a Celltel (TIGO) number ( numbers
starting with 072* *** *** ) as your call may no longer be
private and most probably be listened to by a jobless call center worker at
TIGO. If the privacy of a call is not anymore, what is the point of mobile
phones and communication at all?

Please pass on this e-mail to your friends and let them
know of the conduct of TIGO (Celltel) and their call center workers, because we
should never let anyone violate our right of freedom and privacy.

Thank you.


So What do you think about this? This may be just a mail, some one has done for fun or to  defame Tigo. But There’s still a possibility for this to be damn true. I personally don’t trust any one so much. When it goes to mobile service providers, I’m really unhappy with them.

There were some keystrokes which converted a Motorola profile 300 phone in to a machine receiving others telephone conversations ( I’ve read some hacking tuts on hacking telephone lines ;) ). There is no guarantee that our calls are safe from a third party ( I’ve heard Suntel CDMA boasting about a complete secure connection). Specially the guys who work in those mobile service companies may have easy access in to your personal telephone conversation ( Specially guys like me ;) ).

I don’t know much about ‘How our phone lines are protected’.
If you know, feel free to share.

At last I will say…
“Beware when you FLIRT on phone. Never make love on phone :lol: “

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  1. I thought cellphone conversations were hardly secure? Of course some call center dude getting his jollies off of stuff like this is wonky and deserves a good whooping…but from what I’ve heard the authorities (aka. big brother) can eavesdrop all they want…at least in the land of the free, home of the brave( blah, blah, blah)

  2. I found this posting when looking for anyone else who has difficulty accepting the apparent ethics of TIGO. I have used their cellphone service for some years now and am prepared to accept that my cell phone calls and text messages are open to anyone who bothers to listen in however I recently acquired a USB modem from TIGO and it pisses me off a little when they reroute my emails without authorization or notification. I have my own web domain and website and the server supplies an excellent email package which I can use online or as a POP/ SMTP server. I found out the other day that although I set this server as the incoming and outgoing email server, that is not actually happening. When I send an email instead of going direct to the SMTP as requested by me, TIGO is rerouting that email through Telemovil in ElSalvador and doing some scanning process etc before sending the email on to the intended recipient. I only discovered this because several emails to friends with hotmail accounts were returned to me as being rejected by Hotmail on the grounds that they did not comply with their anti-spam policies. Oh well, I suppose it is really my own fault since I chose to use TIGO.

  3. No Any Network Coverage
    My Dear Sir!…
    Our Area Is Omanthei ( Vauniya District) . We Cannot Use Our Tigo Sim’s, Because We Have No Any Network Coverage More Than 10 Years. Please Give Tigo Towers To Our Area Soon!
    We Are Hope You!
    We Would Like To Use Tigo. Pls Help Us!
    Thank You

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