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Have you ever felt that GNU/Linux & Windows in same machine makes hard disk space so hard to manage with. Windows is blind at Linux’s EXT2 & Linux Can’t handle NTF partitions well.

Most the new comers to linux who try to learn gaining the power & freedom of linux without losing windowses friendship, might have this problem. If you also some one who have this problem, consider it’s over.

Show Linux’s EXT2 partitions to windows with EXT2fs

Ext2fs is a software which enables read write abilities on linux ext2 file system. Works with vista too. Get it >HERE<

Let Linux read & write on to windows NTFS partitions with Captive

You can read/write on to windows NTFS partitions more safely than ever with this tool Captive. Get it >HERE<



  1. thanks
    i had this problem couldn’t see the linux partition from windows. and linux couldn’t write ( though it could read) to ntfs so i used a vfat for files i used in both. thankfully it wasn’t critical so was putting finding a solution off for sometime.

  2. Actually Linux now has excellent support for NTFS through the ntfs3g driver. Its much better than CAPTIVE driver that relies on using the windows ntfs driver. The developers say it performs better than the native Linux ext3 driver :)

    Just make sure you properly shutdown windows as it still can’t properly fsck an ntfs partition. You need to use windows scan disk for that!

  3. I’ve used the Ext2fs (which allows your windows box to natively see Linux partitions) for a few years now.

    It works with EXT3 and there is a Raiser FS version as well.

    –The only problem you HAVE to be aware of, if that if your linux box locks up and your forced to reboot and you reboot into windows, all the drives have dropped and been remapped with different drive letters. K:\ becomes R:\ etc. Then things start to screw up and get confusing. I’d say it could be a little better but I would recommend it.

  4. kewl.. CHEERS!!

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