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Yeah I know this is a damn hard problem to a guy who loves while geek. Only if
 you are not too geeky & having a girl for real. However there’s a problem & it’s so close. Fortunately I’m not having this problem ‘choosing a gift for my gal’ to give her with love on Valentines day. ( I don’t mean that I’m a too geeky guy or at least just a geek :) )

Even I don’t have, there are lotta guys who have this problem this February. So I’m gonna share what I’ve found & make that problem easy to be solved. Read the article I’ve given below and find out how to buy a gift for your girl friend. The original article is done by some one who has upgraded his G/F in to wife. But it’ll help you to get a clue.

OK jump forward & read it. I hope I’ll have to read it well next February. Wish me luck ;) .


Happy Valentines day!.

PS: Girls please help us;poor guys. And also guys who know how to handle these stuff well, share your experiences.


  1. well.. i think it depends on the type of gal u’re dealing with.. if u’ve been with her for sometime then u’ll know wat kinda person she is.. for example.. if she’s a very thoughtful and sentimental person, then i think she might like small thoughtful gifts than glamorous expensive stuff.. but if she comes from a background where designer perfumes and clothes are a must, then i neednt say more… but i think any gal would luv to get a humungous bunch of flowers… oh and to all the guys out there trying to impress a certain sumone.. try doin lil thoughtful things and buying her flowers and small trinkets every once in a while without waitin for a special day!! it counts to know that u would go out of ur character to do sumthin nice for her…

  2. Nice & thanx. It’ll be great if ya boy friend (probably you’d have one) read this. :lol:

  3. regardless of what type of girl she is DIAMONDS are GIRLS BEST FRIEND

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