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Ughhh…. at last I finished another Malware hunt down. I have had to do this for several times these days. my friends, My brothers friends & even me have suffered the annoyance. The first time I was asked for help was the moment my cousin Bonz called me after finding that she can’t see “Folder Options” menu option on her office machine. I didn’t have an answer that time & until I face the real problem.

When my machine was hit by this, I had to do something. Tried some proprietary Virus scanners & they were unable to find anything bad. I had to reinstall windows once again. Reinstalling windows didn’t do any good. Huh…WTF I have to do…

 When I try to find the ghost in my machine, my besteva friend miyuru took his machine to me to find the ghost in his machine. What I did is installing kubuntu in miyurus machine, attached my hard drive. This is the first time I tried Kubuntu 6.06, the DVD sent by my linux guru ven.ILGO.

I checked the Flash drive first. Oho..There it is.  A file named tls.xls.exe along with an autorun file. Then I checked all my hard drive partitions & the F*cking thing was everywhere.  Deleted them all and got the machines back to life after wasting several hours.

I’ve heard “Hey Chanux, I’m missing Folder Options” for so many times through the phone. And for the last time I hunt the malware, I saved that crap on my hard drive for educational purposes :lol: .

It seems that the malware comes from the internet. Internet connectivity is still far from most the computer users here in Sri Lanka. But Flash drives are so popular &  It has become a great way to spread for the malware. It’ll be a great job if I started a door to door malware hunt down service. But I’m still doing it for free cos I have a terrible pain of my back.

*RING* *RING* Oh..oh…  May be another Malware Victim.

PS- I Still use damn windows cos…… OK I’m not gonna repeat this again.

If You are having any problem like I’ve mentioned here, get Knoppix Linux or Find  some other lite Linux distro here. Linux live CDs give breathe back to your dead windows machine. These Linux versions are great for recovery purposes, when poor windows go down. Linux live CDs can perform on your optical drive without doing any harm to your data. Just boot from a Linux live versions.



  1. This malware is not a new one. It belongs to “brontok” malware family. There are special removal tools (freeware) to remove this malware. The best tool is “Brontok Washer”
    Search on Google and you’ll find it seconds. Thanks.

  2. People that create malicious software really piss me off. Of course, now it’s no longer just a challenge to corrupt someone’s computer – there is the profit incentive behind it also. When the scammers start making money, we all lose. I use Malwarebytes to keep that crap out of my computer.

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