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Recently I read an article which explains “22 ways to Overclock Your Brain” which I found so interesting. Overclocking brain meant a lot for me coz I love more brain power to help my way.
By the way there is another reason for me to put a link to that blog on mine & that is…..
Ririan, the author of the article has mentioned “GOTU KOLA”(Centella Asiatica) which took the sudden attention of my LANKAN heart. If you are also interested to find it out just rush to no 21 of his list ‘Drugs to increase Brainpower’.

I think Ririan is talking about “GOTU KOLA” as we Sri Lankans mean it. If so the time has come to think again about the value of our own treasures which are neglected upon the crap from abroad. We have to re correct our pasts damn mistakes. Don’t forget that we’ve lost our rights on “Kothala Himbutu” & “Masbedda” which are precious indigenous plants can be used to prevent diabetes. The patent rights of those plants’ extracts are stolen from us.

Dumb,mad & greedy rulers have destroyed our country. It’s not a developing country any more. Sri Lanka is the kingdom of failure. Land is precious but rulers are rotten………

I went far away from my Topic. The patriot inside me forced me to do so. However you better try to do your part to improve yourself & it’ll help our country somehow.

Ok… read Ririans article & rip the best out of it. Hope it would help you. And don’t forget to use & protect the natural treasures our mother land gives us.


  1. about the patent rights; who has them now? do you know?

  2. oh come on, for all the funny politics and the wretched war. Sri Lanka is developing, not because of any government but rather, Despite the government. :)

    But i’m curious about gotukola patents, didnt know that was possible

  3. I dunno abt Gotu Kola patents but the other 2 plants I mentioned are not (completely) ours. we’ll get them back after nearly 12 yrs I guess. The patent rights are owned by US as I guess. But I know that we haven’t the rights,for sure.

  4. our politicians are an idiotic lot there is no doubt about it but in this case it’s the equally idiotic US patents office that’s to blame. How often do they grant absurd patents? is it on an hourly basis?

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