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[This blog entry is an old one. I deleted this mistakenly & posted it again]

Few days ago WordPress Randomizer took me to a blog discussing about social bookmarking(WordPress RoX!). That blogger has mentioned about digg,stumbleupon & Netscape social bookmarking services & has said that digg gets more hits to his blog. However I’m not gonna talk about social bookmarking or stats increasing methods.
I’m gonna talk about Stumble Upon (SU) kinda bookmarking service making a difference of social bookmarking. Even I had found SU earlier;when I was looking for Firefox Extensions, I didn’t like the concept. But on the comments of the blog entry I mentioned before, I found someone commented on SU & she looked really impressed of it. So I decided to try SU & finally installed & signed up for an account last night.

After my daily surfing I looked at SU. First I took me a nice Site.Then another one & another interesting one again. You won’t believe that I spent 30 mins Stumbling & found only two stumbles I didn’t care much of. The reason to stop stumbling was the clock. Time then was 1.42 AM & my eyes felt little tirish.

Stumble upon is kinda bookmarking service which let’s you bookmark(stumble) interesting sites you find while surfing. You can add friends, you can share your stumbles with friends & whole community, You can see what others like & it’s really interesting to find out there are many people who think like you.

Stumble Upon gives a nice Firefox extension which gives easy control on all your stumbling activites. It’s such a nice Extension.

So try SU at your own risk & don’t blame me saying “You made you addicted”.

Check this pic which discribes SU well 

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