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Are You Online now?. So you *BETTER* read this.

I was thinking that I should round up a collection of tips on “How to choose better Passwords”. And this post is not that round up & I won’t create that kind of a post. There’s a reason for that. Now I know that my collection of tips are not good enough to put together as a post.

Everything happened while I wandering on where there are pits made of DIGGing.It’s where I found a great article about Passwords  which taught me how should I choose a better password. There were lots of ‘food for thought’ for me. It’s a great resource for a tech enthusiast. There are lot’s of technical stuff on “passwords” on the article itself & on comments.

This article is a great one for guys who are “wanna be hackers” (like me) , GNU/Linux enthusiasts (Like me), Hardcore windows users & of course for geeks to be geekier :) .

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