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Here I am, again with a nice Firefox tweak.

Before you start to try this tut out…

you must know how to

  • Install Firefox extensions
  • play with userChrome.css

If You dunno how to do these stuff first try my earlier Firefox tut > HERE <

you must have these stuff

/* Remove Home button */
#home-button { display: none; }

/*Remove magnifying glass button from search box*/
.search-go-button-stack { display: none !important; }

/* Eliminate the throbber and its annoying movement: */
#throbber-box { display: none !important; }

/* Remove Go button of searchbar */
#go-button-stack, .search-go-button-stack { display: none !important; }

  • A working brain inside your head. (I don’t have any links to download this :lol: )

OK, Now you are ready to ‘Firefox: Almost full screen’.

1. First Copy the lines I’ve given in to your userChrome.css file, Install the extensions I’ve mentioned & restart Firefox to see what you have you done. If you don’t see any change just try another restart. (If that also doesn’t help, just
forget this tut ;) )

2. Right-Click on ‘Menus Toolbar’ or ‘Navigation’ Toolbar & choose customize.Now you can drag & drop items in those toolbars. Now you can drag in-out icons between toolbars & ‘customize toolbars’ window & arrange icons as you wish. Find Personal menu Icon inside ‘customize toolbars’ window & drag & drop it on Navigation toolbar.Now Restart ‘fox again.

3. Now tweak “Personal Menu” extension.

You can add Only the menu’s you like;in to your personal menu. If you are not sure what you really need, just add all default stuff in to your personal menu.
[Tools > Addons > Extensions > Personal Menu > Options > Edit menu/Others.]Now you can find all Menus in handy personal menu button.

4. Right-Click on Menus toolbar & uncheck Menus toolbar option.

[!!! Check & recheck for Personal Menu button on Navigation toolbar & make -sure that all Menus you need are inside it, before you do this.]

5. Here’s the last step. Press F11 on Function keys & see what happens. If you do ‘Firefox: Almost full screen’ You are done.


Here’s My Firefox Window After this!

There’s a little risk doing this, if you are a complete new user for Firefox or new to these little Hacking tricks. So It’s better to use a different Firefox Profile to try Hacks on. Here’s How to deal with Firefox Profiles.
[Creating a shortcut to Profile manager worked well for me]

This tut is for windoze users. Mac & Linux users have the Idea now; so you can find how to do this on your platform, I dunno how to do this on other plats.
[ I still can’t configure my modem in Linux & have no enough time to play with. So still no surfing with Linux ] Forgive me for the ignorance, my Linux/Mac friends :) You can link your Mac/Linux tut here.just comment or mail me on chanux at gmail dot com

Feel Free comment you Ideas,Problems.



  1. Mac Linux Friends, Why don’t check stylish.orgs app area for something.There were something. Check it out. will get more details in da future.stay tuned.

  2. Why don’t you drag your Bookmark tool bar in to Navigation tool bar & Firefox:Almost Full Screen without loosing any thing ;).

  3. got a lot of hits on this post. thanx every one.
    Check this out

    Mac friends are unlucky here.

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