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After my loooong list of Firefox extensions I found some more to share with you. I thought it would be useful for you too .So let’s check’em out.

First I got an extension which replaces two extensions which I’ve mentioned in
my earlier post.

Can you remember ‘Tiny menu’ & ‘Menu editor’?

Tiny menu– packing all menu bar options in to one Menu

Menu editor– cut off all those useless stuff from menus & menu

Personal menu will replace these too [not very handy at Menu editors
job, but simple].Just give it a try.


Just Paste this to userChrome & edit the code as you like to cut off the menu options you HATE.

/* Remove menus you don’t use.Just delete the codes for what you want to keep.
   Id’s for all toplevel menus:
   file-menu, edit-menu, view-menu, go-menu, bookmarks-menu, tools-menu, helpMenu */
#helpMenu, #edit-menu, #file-menu, #view-menu, #go-menu {    display: none !important; }

Next one is really a great one for me. Because my

X-periments always break down my system. With ‘Firefox Extension Backup
‘ I can backup every thing (not only extensions).  I can get my
old friend after any system breakdown. With FEBE Firefox has become a phoenix.


Stylish is an extension which works like ‘Greasemonkey’ has a lot of scripts for
you like for

Video Downloader

this is the description for Video downloader from it’s creators.

“Download videos from from Youtube,Google,Metacafe,iFilm,Dailymotion…and
other 60+ video sites! And all embedded objects on a webpage (movies,mp3s, flash,
quicktime, etc)”

Sounds nice!

PS- Forgot to tell you. At last I found a theme (for Firefox) which fits inside

my heart :) . It’s blue Ice. I’m satisfied & using it now.

powered by performancing firefox


  1. Good stuff. I had been thinking about doing a “top 10” on my site for Firefox extensions, but laziness abounds. :-)

  2. I love Tiny Menu too, and FEBE has saved my life (or at least my sanity!) several times recently when Windows has had problems. My list of favourite add-ons is here:

    Though I have added a couple since then, including ErrorZilla, which replaces the standard 404 page with a much more attractive one, including buttons to retry, Wayback, and so on if you’re desperate to unbreak that link.

    I’m starting to sound like one of those “if you were stranded on a desert island” quizzes!

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