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Recently I used IE7.Actualy I had to because there wasn’t Firefox installed on the machine I used in that cyber cafe. However It’s always a bad experience browsing without Tabs. Nothing to do; I’m destined to browse without tabs. I said “Crap It’s IE & I hate this.” CJ who was sitting right aside me told me that it’s IE7 & it has Tabbed browsing. Thank goodness, It’s not my worst browsing

First I opened 2 tabs & found it takes considerably long time to load a tab. (I must mention that the machine was in good condition). It was the time for more tabs. I opened the 3rd one.And here comes the best part of the story.The 4th tab made me crazy.*Shit* the click for the 4th tab closed all tabs. I dunno what the hell happened there. I’m not judging IE7 with that single experience.However, my first browsing experience with IE7 crashed due to TOO much tabs :lol: . Couldn’t find any nice/cool feature on IE7 during that single hour of usage.

I Still love you…… I love lot & lots more than I ever did. I’m talking about Firefox. The perfect match ever.

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