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Recently I found Indi’s The Monks Who Stole Christmas & read almost all the content which I can Understand. Unfortunately Some of the content is outta my English knowledge & General knowledge & even logical abilities.

I think Indi’s post is good & right in time as it opens that burning topic to the community.Honestly, I can’t understand whether Indi’s blaming any party.

Reading the comments on that post I found it really interesting & had lot of food for thought.Buddhists & Christians with boiling blood has started kinda flame war on comments there. Ideas of both parties are not gonna kicked off by me cos all are standing for there own religion.But I’m not happy with blaming any religion.We are not smart enough to do so.

I think all of you will agree with me if I say “Mostly, Christianity is charged by force in to Sri Lankan Buddhist community “. If you know the Sri Lankan history you won’t disagree. No matter what the history is, now there is a big Christian popularity in Sri Lanka SOMEHOW. Christian,Hindu & Islam: all these were in Sri Lanka After Buddhism. But at last we have a community with these different religions.So we have to live in peace.

I don’t agree with converting in to a religion by force or any other way like money.But if people decide to convert themselves by good understanding that’s a matter of their own rights.In this case there’s a good fact we all must think about.
” If some one is leaving his/her religion in change of material wealth or that kinda thing It’s not the real understanding. It can be replaced with another more valuable thing”. That’s the best part of this story.On the other hand people who are that much easy to convert is no value to a religion or even for any simple relationship.They’d even sell there mother in order to get wealthy.And the next best thing is that there’s no guarantee, people who get money to convert themselves in to another religion does really convert there beliefs of hearts.

My father says that real Christians don’t involve in this kinda Fucking things.He says that bunches of ill-Christian businessmen does this aiming personal profit. My Father is open minded most of time. So I agree with him on this case too.(Earlier I wanted the blood of those converting/converted people, but my father changed that evil view of mine)

In Sri Lanka & the whole world, Christmas has become a business. Very few people might celebrate it knowing whatever it’s right meaning. Popularity has raped Christmas. Businessmen use it to sell panties, Bras & even condoms.

But religion doesn’t mean what we see from outside. It’s kinda ‘pure imagination of understanding’ born in a real human heart (As I understand what religion is).What we see outside is something polluted with different needs of different people.

When It goes to Buddhism (My Religion which I believe by understanding with my little ability of thinking) It’s not ‘so very’ popular in the world & thanks to that it’s not a big business trick yet.I’m proud of my religion because it doesn’t force me to believe it. I’m free to think & make question of my religion. I know that I’m not an Ideal Buddhist.But I’m far ahead from average Buddhist.Even my young blood is heated by those controversial converting I’m clever enough to stay cool thanks to my religion.

Even Sri Lankan Buddhists say that ‘Nirmala’ [pure] Buddhism is in Sri Lanka I don’t think it’s true. I cheated my mind believing that until my Linux guru venerable Ilgo thero [1] [2] put sun rays of truth on dark sides of mind. He says that ‘in Sri Lanka bhikku does only preeching paritta & doing sermons.So they have no time or do not try to find real truth which Buddhism try to uncover’. He believes that the core of Buddhism is related to meditation & improving the minds abilities to understand the ultimate truth of this universe.(Damn.. It’s so difficult to convert my mind in to words.)

Ughh…I’m not gonna describe Buddhism or what I believe. I wanna say that we shouldn’t blame each other & create another war in this half dead country leaving those big businessmen free to suck the last drop of blood of our mother land.We can celebrate all our religious events in harmony.I myself do so as I have friends in different religions.We should spread maithree among all of us.

I’m not disagree with people who fight against converting.Because every action must have a reaction.That’s natural.Remember that Thaleiban muslims destroyed Bahmian Buddha statues?. What happened then? Poor stupids got hit by US.

By the by,mother nature will protect the equilibrium.Everything against it will be vanished,Finally.

Merry Christmas; my Christian Friends.

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  1. Nice write-up!

    If you are interested in more information about Christian fundamentalism in Sri Lanka, please check out this website:

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