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On my last trip to Bonzis (my cousin) place, I had the chance to read Victor Ivans Chowra Rejina [Bandit Queen] & watch the film Lord of War [1] [2] which taught me a lot about politics in Sri Lanka & world.

I think that every Sri Lankan must read Chowra Rejina to get an Idea of ‘WTF is going on behind the curtains of Sri Lankan politics. I don’t say that Victor Ivan is 100% correct. Actually there is no need to be so because if only a 10% of the content is true, it’s more than enough to prove that CBK is Saddam in Sri Lanka.
And Chowra Rejina taught me that none of the political parties in Sri Lanka is suitable for a VOTE.

I don’t know why isn’t Oh-So-Pure CBK who hasn’t taken a ‘Thamba Doithu’ from SriLankan people, going to take Mr. Ivan to court & get a big compensation on erroneous accusation.

Lord of War taught me that this world is now insane & ruled by devil.Bad wins somehow & and another kind of bad covers,protects & helps bad to grow.It was a nice movie I’ve been watching with a roaring & a crying heart.At the end of the movie the main character Yuri (Nicholas cage) known as the Lord of War says a dialog line closely means ‘The Lord of War is safe because the rest of the world is busy killing each other’. Atthe end it says that USA,China,Russia,Great Britain & France has got the veto power in UN while they are being top five weapon dealers in the world.

It’s the bitter truth which the movie uncover in front of our not so naked eyes.

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