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On October 15th 2006 I posted a blog post here in my blog which named BIT @ UoM. Unbelievably it has become the top post among all. Pls feel free to read it & put your comments saying who is right & who is wrong.( You open minded KOTTU People too are gladly invited)


I don’t know why the hell those undergraduate idiots blame me on my simple & innocent appeal for help.I just sat for the exam,now I know that I’m passed,I’ve verified my certificates at BIT Office & I’m living my normal life.I just didn’t think about that much. But some chocolate heroes are barking on comments making pledges of things they can’t even think about.

Below is a para I wrote to put on comments of that post. But I thought it suits here very much.I appreciate your comments.

After reading each & every word in THIS PAGE I found a clue.If all the Software engineers in Sri Lanka are like Thanushka (5th commenter), There won’t be an IT industry in Sri Lanka.But we are still Lucky as It’s not damn right.I know that by experience; I’ve been working with some great computer engineers in Sri Lanka.(Ugh… I’m not boasting;I’m just a 21 year old guy who have destroyed his A/Ls).People I’m talking about are Truly ENGINEERS.They do things for industry.They are developing the Industry.Finally they rule the industry.

But ‘people who know how to code’ doesn’t mean a computer engineer or a software engineer.They are just pieces of crap used by the industry to get the hard things done.they work like parrots.No New thoughts or nice & handy Ideas.Just coding 24/7.

To be a REAL software/computer engineer a human must have a creative & Open mind.He must be able to produce neat Ideas.People like Richard M. Stallman, Linus torvalds,Tim Burners Lee & of course Billy G. are Examples to Real Engineers.They’ve contributed to the Indutry by lots of time & sweat.They made my life (& yours too) easy. I worship all those Real Engineers from the deepest point of my heart.Because they help the community, they help new minds to grow for the sake of the future of industry.

But THANUSHKA; you OH-SO-HOLLY SOFTWARE ENGINEER, All I can do with you is just sending to /dev/null or simply sending you to the recycle bin as you know :lol:As I love the community there’s one other chance for you.READ THIS & try to be a real engineer even from heart.This link is given to me by a real computer engineer.You may find who he is if you are clever enough ;-) .


One Comment

  1. Hay man do you think that (checkalpassed() == true ) does your all . your breath , your life , your job and also your girl ?
    no man it just a little thing . But checkalpassed () == false is a bad allright . That means that you are did crazy shitt and waste that time . You ugly never had that time you waste . But however if you think to start to work now . hay man the world is yours . I don’t think you are a expert , thus beacuse you wasted more before , but if you want to be ,
    for ( ;;) System.out.println (“You can man . Even god cannot change it “); . I am a BIT@UCSC sem2 student . I love the BIT programme but rather than the studing the BIT I love more techinical things (paratical thing ) . we never studies C++ as a language before or in this , but 80% of the bit person on semester2 knows that language to dirve inside and outside on the fly . But man the thing is that “HOW MUCH YOU SPENT HOW MUCH YOU GET”, that means in this field the dynamic and expert people has the world . others are loosing it , they are loosers not at all . The bit programe is very dynamic and hard . you have to face that . Dont think it was easy and you are a good software engneer , becuse no one is a good software engneer . The world that you hardly in is a little thing . This world is full of bugs . in first you will be hated form those bugs ,but then you will be you cannot live without it ! I loVE buGS . shuch as this BIT@MoU is also a bug . no matter that you are a graguage , under graguage or a dip or looser .The thing is that if you are a expert there are many jobs for you but the thing is you are not for jobs . Don’t done that study hard and love jobs . I heard that you interested in linux, well done . But how about reverse engneering and kernel programming . There are more books on the net . no one expert like I’m told . even I not , I just looser . Thus man in the bit sylbus you only learn a little little thing man . IF ( you as EXPERT ) THEN ( READ ALL) ;

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