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Hi Guyz,

This time I’m asking you for a help. My cousin needs space on her computer table for a new PC. So she has to put away her old one. So help me/her to get the thing done. This configuration may not suit you but I know that the chances are really good for you to be heard about some one who needs this kinda machine. Here’s the configuration.

Processor——– AMD Athlon XP 1.26 GHz

Mother Board—– Gigabyte K7 Triton (VIA Chip set)

RAM————– 128MB Kingston

VGA————– 32MB SiS

HDD————– 80GB Maxtor

Optical Drive—- Sony Combo 52x/32x/52x/16x

Monitor———- 14″ Philips

Modem———— 56K internal V92 Fax

Printer———- HP Deskjet 3535 color

UPS————– Power Tree 600KVA

Mouse/Key board/Speakers/FDD/Screen Filter

My cousin’s price for the machine is Rs.40K (40,000). As she is still a human she likes to put a big price on the card .But you are free to propose your hearts price. So just NEGOTIATE @ naijerh at gmail dot com & solve the probs.

Hurry! Hurry!! This offer will only be available until the stocks last. (Is this line suitable here? )



  1. Your cousin is fucking deluded. Hahaha.. I’ll pay 3000 for the machine and sell it on ebay with a 10% profit margin.

  2. To be serious, no one would pay anything close to what your cousin wants. Your best option is to deassemble it and sell the parts on ebay. That’s what I always do when I have to get rid of old junk. You would probably be able to get double what you would otherwise get if you sell everything together.

  3. Yeah, he’s got some truth there. The video card might fetch a decent price. So will the optical drive. The processor, board and ram might be a bit out the window. Why not keep the HDD and the UPS?

  4. Poor cousin!

  5. Sorry mate. This machine is barely worth 20K at the moment.

  6. I know… the price might be too big.But …..
    4get it, I wanna help ma cousin. Will do it somehow :).
    Thanx 4 all comments ;)

  7. Thanx kutz for standing up for me, and by the way Justmal, u suck just go to hell and enjoy ur nasty language style there. And Charith dear Thanx for sympathising

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