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Okay guys, here I am with something for you (newbie or power user? no matter. you’ll get something here) & it’s all about Firefox. Yeah I know that you’ll say ” oh! that crazy firefox lover is back”. I agree with you – 100% . Here are something I collected while surfing here & there in this massive NET. I thought it would be helpful for you to expand your horizons in browsing with Firy.

Installing extensions in Firefox …..

Click Tools>addons & select Extensions tab in addons window.Drag & drop the extensions in to the window & wait until you see the install button come alive. install & restart Firy.

My Collection of Fx extensions;Is there anything for you?

Mass Installer
mass installer is a nice extension which helps you install all your loving Fx extensions in areally easy way. Just put all the urls of your favorite extensions(which ends with .xpi) in a text file ( I call it MI master ;-) ) &just tell Mass installer where does the master lives. That’s all.Youcan do something else while MI does everything for you. ….Yes you can call your girl/boy friend.

But I couldn’t find any new version of it, working with Fx2.So I made it working with Fx2. Just try it at your own risk (There’s no risk ;-) )if it doesn’t work don’t blame me.however It works fine for me.

Get ‘Mass Installer – Fixed’ HERE

Get ‘MI master’ which includs all extensions I’m gonna talk about or just put it’s url (below) in MI.[will be available soon? ;-) ]

Down Them All
Yes it’s ma favorite download manager extension (First & the only one yet!). It nicely handles all your downloads in a really simple user interface. It cuts the file you download in to chunks (5 by default) & they say it speed up d’loads up to 400%. Do you wanna d’load a site with all it’s links….Yes you can, with dta.

:!: Foxmarks
It will synchronize ya bookmarks, exactly the way you keep’em in Firefox. You have to signup for a Foxmarks account to go with it. It’s so simple to use & even the site is also so simple & nice. You can check your bookmarks on the site too, it’s web 2.0. Ideal if you have to surf from home,office,fiancees home ;-) etc. without loosing ya bookmarks. What if you have to reinstall Firy?,you won’t miss any bookmark with Foxmarks.

:!: Google browser sync
Yes it’s from google. I guess you have a Google account.You can synchronize Bookmarks,cookies,saved passwords,Tabs & windows & History. You can encrypt your stuff with Google Browser Sync. It’s great for a real sync but read Terms of use & Privacy Notices before you put sensitive data somewhere in the air ;-) .

BookmarksIf you are a user try this too. you can delicious thingseasily with this. But remember it won’t live together with Foxmarks& Google browser sync. Delicious will take the control of yourFirefox bookmarks too. :!: You may have to choose between these three extensions.

This extension gives you the flexibility of adding Bookmarks. It’s worth using. You can do some tricks which openbook does, by hand. It’s all about about:config , let’s try this later.

Get a window/Tab/sidebar with thumbnails of all open Firefox tabs. It gives the easyness of checking & playing with all open Fx tabs in one place. nice.

Tab Mix Plus
This extension gives more options & flexibility to the tabbed browsing experience.It’s something I don’t want to miss. Even Fx2 has more options in tabbed browsing TMP is still the one which give me all I want. Yes now it goes with Fx2 if you’ve read ma earlierer post on TMP.

This is Great if you are a Blogger+Firefox lover. It makes blogging so easy.

:idea: : You can get spell checking on, for Performancing in Fx2 with an about:config tweak.

Sage Read Rss & atom feeds with Sage. it’s so simple, the interface.

Wanna make your browsing experience more & more customized? this is the one for you. User scripts will do the thing for you. There are 2,000,000+ user scripts in . Some will help you :-) .

Speedup your browser experience. Once you’ve installed try to learn it by hacking around.
didn’t check what does it technically do. Check it’s home site too. They say it also blocks popups which sneak from Fx popup blocker.

Toggle search (Fx2 only)
This will save your space on your Firefox window by resizing the search bar. (Remember ctrl+K to expand your search bar) > I heard that Fx gets some $ for google(?) searches done by Fx searchbar.So I use it anytime I search.

Tiny menu
Save space by packing all menu bar options in to one Menu.

:idea: : here’s is a nice tutorial to save more real-estate – from lifehacker.

Menu editor
Is it a hazzle, your Menu options? If so now you have the tool to cut off all those useless stuff from menus & menu options & get only what you want. I use only view, Bookmarks & Tools menus ;-) & have purged a lot insid’em too. It saves time……I swear.

Ad-Block Plus
I’ve never seen a pop up ad with Fx. But I’ve heard that Some people have problems with ads. If you are one of them, just get this extension. I won’t install this until I find the first popup ad with helpless Fx popup blocker ;-) .

Aging tabs
Found this accidentally while searching mozilla-addons page & fell in love with it. It was a long time I was searching for some way to colour up my tabs in any manner. This extension fulfills my desire in a more useful way, Changing the color of tabs according to it’s age. Cool, I think I use it mostly for FUN.

Download status bar
I hate the down load manager window. So I use this. But i don’t just use this.I like this. Give it a try if you like or check out the about:config

IEtab,because some times you have to go back to IE. There are still someuseful features in IE which Fx doesn’t have ( I don’t know what, butsome say so). Once I had to go back to IE cos one site banned medownloading some MP3s without IE :evil: . So people who need IE don’thave to leave ‘so loving Firy’ :-) . You can open IE as a tab in Fx(who is the master :roll: )

Use this to Upload files from ya compy to your Gmail space (2GB+). The user space is simple & amazing.

Gmaildrive is also another software (standalone) which you can upload stuff on to Gmail space.

There are lots & lots more extensions & you may find something very useful in the stack. So don’t forget to check Mozilla-Addons for Firefox & put some more in pocket to powerup your browser experience.

Let’s see how do we have to deal with ‘about:config’ & userChrome with some dead simple………



type about:config in Firefox address bar & hit enter. You’ll get a long list of garbage. Hey it’s not garbage, Those are the lines which says Firefox how to run.let’s see what can we do.

Type browser.tabs.closebuttons in Filter text area just benaeth the tab bar. The loooong list will get shortened while you type, to get you the exact thing you look for. The default value of browser.tabs.closebutton is 1 which places a close button in every tab. Double click on browser.tabs….. & change the Value in to 0. This will place a close button only on the selected tab. Like the old way? just reset the setting by right click>reset. (This one didn’t work when there’s Tab Mix Plus extension installed.

Add Fx2’s spell checking in Performancing.
set the value true for performancing.extra.dospellCheck

Kick out annoying download manager window
set the value false for

That’s how the things go. You’ll find all about:config things HERE. Find some nice & useful about:config tweaks HERE at lifehacker.userChrome In my case I find my userChrome file here: (damn… I can’t configure my modem in Linux)

C:Documents and Settings\YeahYeahYeah\Application data \Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\BlahBalaBalh.default\chrome\

YeahYeahYeah – is your username

BlahBlahBlah – is some weird string.

(Application data is a hidden folder)

(This is for win XP users. Other OS users plz follow this link to lifehacker sorry for the ignorance/inconvenience)

There you’ll find a file named example-userChrome. Copy it in the same folder & rename userChrome.css. Then open it with a text editor & put those lines given below in or you can just create userChrome.css

/* Alternatively, kill only default tabbrowser icons (no site icon) */
.tabbrowser-tabs *|tab:not([image]) .tab-icon { display: none;}

/* Show icons (no matter what) when hovering over the tab */

/*.tabbrowser-tabs *|tab:hover .tab-icon { display: -moz-box;} */

/* Shrink tab titles by 10% */.tabbrowser-tabs .tab-text { font-size: 90%;}

You can try & just delete the lines out of the userChrom.css file to get rid of those changes. Here are more to try out.

:idea: select any URL & just drag & drop it on

  • Firefox address bar – Firy will load the URL on current tab
  • Any tab -Firy will load the URL in that tab
  • New tab button on navigation tool bar – Firy will open a new tab & load the URL in it [ doing this with something non URL will do a google search for the word/string] ex: if you drag & dropped a word Firy will make a google search for the word & ‘You’ll have to feel lucky’ on a new tab. If you do this with something like nice chanux, Firy will google for nice+chanux ;-) [ I call this search by tab button ;-) )

*** Drag & drop any bookmark on to a tab,tab bar or ‘new tab button’ & the book marked site will be opened in current tab / a new tab.I found these stuff while hacking around. Tried to get a search engine other than google to search by tab button, hacking about:config. But couldn’t change it. If you find it first let me know. If I’m the first I’ll surely let you know ;-) .:idea: This is how I make Bookmarking easier…..

  • Categorizing bookmarks in folders/subfolders.
  • Placing those folders under ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’
  • Placing the mostly used bookmarks on bookmarks Toolbar without a name. This can be used only if there are icons for those bookmarks ( eg: Google, Yahoo, WordPress,spread Fx sites for me) . Two sites using same icon won’t go with this.

If you are using Firefox & loving it, Chances are better that you want to help Firy grow. If so Just hit THIS . I’m a proud member of the community. I’m proud that we’re growing every second. I’m sure that you’ll get a long & warm hug from your parent, friend,G/B friend, Brother,Sister,Aunt,Uncle,Boss or may be just the gal/guy next door ;-) or any one you can imagine IF you introduce the POWER of FIRY to him/her. It’ll be a nice gift.

Check How Firy grow HERE at marketshare & HERE at speradfirefox.

These days I’m spending more time with Firy thanks to Google desktop search. wOw It makes my life eaaaasierrrrrr. I can find anything on my compy in a flash & I swear My machine works welleven I got just 128MB of RAM (poor me ;-) ). I had to try desktop search earlier.

I think this post helps you in someway.If so, It’s a pleasure for me. Helping people & making new friends is something I love a lot. Recently I found that my little tutorial on ‘adding affiliate links to blogs‘ is being added to the . It’s something I’m so happy with :-) .

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link to toggle search. Glad you find it useful. New improved version in the works! You should link to the addon page though, not my blog, if you want anybody to have a chance of finding it:

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