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Kanata Cool Raja has finished it’s career & I know that you know it b4 me. But wanted to put it in ma blog too :-) . Found there’s a wiki page on the topic with those hot hot raja fun.

Found them at Kottus’


Here’s the wiki link

All I gotta say is -a modification of Paninta pera sitha balanu [ Think before you leap] –

Switch the mics off before you F*ck.  :lol:


  1. Wiki article says its temporarily suspended. Maybe EAP will get this back on air with a hefty bribe.

  2. Yes they would.Wiki page can be created or deleted any one who there may be a prob.but I’ll get something fun.

  3. The wiki page is changed & EAP fuckers are now using it as a advertisement.

  4. hey do you know where i can download the raja fm clips i didnt get to hear any one of those


  5. it’s here if they didn’t delete.

    and other links you guys listed dont work any more! So if you can pls mail me the links that really work!

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