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Now I’m dreaming of the net while the hibernation is going on. This also is a little dream.

I found that two things so close to me are changed.
1- WordPress dashboard

WordPress dashboard interface is changed & I like the new way. Now it’s easy to administrate my wordpress blog. I love wordpress — Really a lot.

Kottu, the place where the Lankan bloggers find each other has changed it’s look & I love that change too.

These days I’m doing a little ‘article’ on Firefox when I find some time in my busy time table crowded by Chemistry physics & maths. I don’t know when would I finish it but hope to post it soon. Difficult to keep the thing non outdated :) coz Fx things are changing really fast ;-).

—– —– —- — — — —

Ven.Ilgo (my linux guru) is in Korea. And here is a line from his email to me & CJ.

deeply absorbed by the intricacies of modern day chemistry? Better to be bitten by pythons and penguins, isn’t it?

Yes it’s even better to die bitten by python than injecting cyanide in veins. But Chemistry is something I love even I have to forget after writing all down on answer sheets. I’m dare enough to say that I’m a fast learner.It’s true in front of the compy but those note books.
However this is the ‘One (& last) chance to not miss THE chance to blow’. So I have to be a fast learner in Che,phy & maths too.

C U in another dream
Until then…..i got those damn too words for ya

PS- Gmail is changed too. All are changing. I must try a chance too ;-)

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  1. hi cnk ur blog is great.but drop com. works and do ur studies well. if u can’t u will feel sorry ab u one day .remember this is da last chance. ok u know u ar geat . this is KISH…..

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